Monday, January 17, 2011

JDL History Rewritten

As I mentioned yesterday, the only official account of events by any of the participants in the Jewish Defense League/English Defense league meet-up on January 11th has come from Canadian Hindu Advocacy, a small Hindu Nationalist group allied with the JDL. In their original news release, the CHA strongly suggested that CHA/JDL members had physically confronted ARA protesters and "repelled" them. Furthermore, their release suggested that "security teams" from these two groups had "assisted Toronto Police in making a number of arrests as several masked attackers blocked roads and violently assaulted police."

After some poking around on my part, during which I suggested that this story might contradict the JDL's claim to have practiced strict non-violence at the event (and might also be bullshit), a second news release appeared on CHA's website. This one reads:


On Tuesday evening, Toronto Police arrested numerous violent attackers who had congregated outside the Toronto Zionist Center with weapons and violent intentions.

A Canadian Hindu Advocacy delegation had joined with JDL security to assist. CHA and JDL assisted Toronto Police in maintaining order.

Our staff repelled the violent assault by pointing out to Toronto Police the location of the perpetrators of violence. Toronto Police then made lawful arrests, based partly on our valuable observation skills.

The assistance did not include ‘knocking heads’ or perpetrating violence or racism, as suggested by certain radical Islamist sources. Violence and aggression is the stock in trade of our Islamist and ARA opponents and is not perpetrated by our organizations.


So instead of fighting it out with the ARA, the JDL and CHA bravely pointed at the young people carrying banners and suggested that police go talk to them. Powerful stuff. And since I'm the only one that suggested heads might have been "knocked together", I guess I am the radical Islamist source noted in the release. Mom will be so proud.


Kurt Phillips said...

Hey, congrats on being named a radical Islamist! ;)

Admin said...

The JDL has also aligned itself with the Freedom Party of Austria, despite its neo-nazi links, and Jeert Wilders Freedom Party in Holland.

How long before Meir organises a "Canadian Defence League"? (He likes schmoozing with Harperites too much to form a separate party) and will Paul Fromm and Marc Lenire recognise that being anti-Muslim is where todays xenophobes are at and make their piece with the JDL in order to join forces?

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot imagine that even the Harperites want to make common cause with the EDL lunatics. I think Meir has put himself in a position where the Conservatives will find a way to distance themselves totally from him. What with the majority of the Jewish community I believe supporting the CJC position on this meir and company have really screwed up on this one.