Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lilley's On The Case

Brian Lilley, in his ongoing mission to smear the CBC on behalf of PKP (that's what Pierre Karl Peladeau's word-slaves call him behind his back), uncovers the fact that one of their executives ate lunch with a Liberal:

Sylvain Lafrance, the executive VP of CBC's French language services, treated Liberal Senator Francis Fox to a $119 lunch in October 2009 at Montreal's Restaurant Julien.

Details of what was consumed are not provided in the documents, but an online version of the restaurant's menu shows entrees normally cost less than $20, meaning the pair likely dined on more than just food.

Lilley doesn't speculate what this "more" might have been, but I have confirmed from the restaurant's website that they do not offer table-dances. Looking at the menu, however, I would guess that the two men split a bottle of Chablis.

Also, as anyone can see by looking at this shot of the restaurant interior--and I am frankly surprised Lilley missed it--the Restaurant Julie suffers from an extreme shortgage of chairs. Putting 2+2 together (and building on Lilley's seminal reporting in the CBC missing chair scandal), I am willing to bet that Fox and Lafrance showed up at Juliens, banged back a bottle of bubbly, were rebuffed in their demands for a table dance, and drunkenly attempted to auction off Peter Mansbridge's chair.

Good Lord! Release the hounds!


Anonymous said...

QMI takes quite the share of entitlements. Had you not noticed? Or did you just go blank suddenly?

WV lunshise

double nickel said...

ridofbrain and canadiannonsense...I beginning the think they're the same reformbot. Both full of shit, at any rate.