Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Layton Sings

I think he's doing that old Socialist Classic "Your Land Is My Land". This is, of course, a promo shot for his new "Winter of Futility" tour.

Memo to Iggy: When you take to the road...leave the old Uke at home, OK?


Tof KW said...

That's a good sign. Hoping Layton plays more of his old classics versus the new material this time around. "Party for Sale" is one of his best tunes.

Omar said...

Iggy should bring a banjo. As Steve Martin pointed out many moons ago, you just can't do a depressing song when you're playing the banjo.

Terence said...

Iggy's going to play "Harper valley PTA" at his gigs..the scandals are all there