Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blogging Tories Turn On One Another...

They're trying to ban blogger and sometime on-tv guy Garth Nicklaus for being too damn Liberal. And I've read some of Garth's stuff, and damned if the guy isn't pretty damn Liberal. I'm pretty sure he's one of our 5th columnists; in fact I think I remember handing him a paper bag full of adscam cash from JC himself.

PS. This is the most entertaining thing to happen on BT Forums since Bill Whatcott built his feces bomb.


Omar said...

The Zsa Zsa Gabor of Canadian politics? What does that even mean? Did Garth recently lose a limb or something?

WhigWag said...

I don't get the "Garth Nicklaus" ref.; presumably the former's for cross-over Garth Turner, but who's Nicklaus re: the CPC?

Anyhow, it was odd on P&P yesterday to see a panel w. three diff. stripes of regressively more radical Conservatives being Harper's ghosts from X-mas past: some apologist journo or biographer for the current incarnation; Monte Solberg from the Reform-Alliance-CRAP days; & Nicholls, from the NCC &, why, if we ever get in, we'll do it RIGHT days,

..and with the pretty much neutral, but until recently Conservative enough for the Sun, Greg Weston supposedly making up the balance of the political spectrum.

CanadianSense said...

I am impressed M.J. 12 votes cast in total for both sides.

Let's compare the Krieber FB post?

Denis Coderre or Nancy Charest shout out to Toronto leadership.

I could go with actual active MPs and insiders of influence to prove your team has a much bigger problem, but heck those 12 bloggers votes on a BT forum Poll is the best you got?

That HD survey must have really smarted with only 18% rating poor after 5 years.

Gene Rayburn said...

CanadianSpam, just more drivel eh? Can't stick to the topic without changing the goalposts.

CS2010 = spam. CS2011 = mouldy spam.

Terrence said...

Oh, man, that thread is pure comedy.

"Cast out the unbeliever!" I hear them wailing. "How dare he criticize the leader of Team Blue(tm)!"

Partisan knobs!

CanadianSense said...


Visit the forum post (12 votes total)
It appears this non-story and non-event is what many bloggers have been reduced to on the cheap sides.

Most of us have ignored hard liners or ankle biters who want a political party to adopt some rigid ideological hard line.

Bruce Anderson Harris Decima refers to unhappy base as 2% in Conservative camp.

24% of Liberals leaning voters think our PM has done an excellent job in the last five years.

There is no groundswell to dump: Trudeau,Mulroney.
Both of them left early to avoid the rout. Chretien got pushed early by his own party

Most of us don't have a problem with Flanagan, Nichols earning a paycheck from rubbing elbows over a decade ago with our PM by giving interviews on the Liberal left stations.

The undeniable fact is this post simply glosses over the FACTS.

Active MPs in Liberal party are making statements much worse about the existing leadership and direction of the party.

This post refers to a former VP of a citizens group that most Liberals slag.

Grasping at straws come to mind.

Compare the remarks from the latest Dryden book on the state of affairs of the Liberals.

Terrence said...


There's no mystery about Gerry. He's a libertarian. And, like most libertarians, he's not happy with the Conservatives at the moment.

He may also have a personal ax to grind against the PM, but I have a feeling that would be set aside if Harper would just pretend to adhere to his old principles once in a while.