Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Do You Refute Claims That You're Just Buying Votes In Que.?

...buy a few in Sask.


Kev said...

As per their usual M.O. they are looking for ways to get around the rules barring the use of this fund for these purposes and have now become so arrogant that they openly admit it

Terence said...

The bloc is daring them to do it or lose all credibility in the province. Then they will go around and say it was their pressure tactics that got the arena for Peladeau whose father was an absolute separatist and the son not far behind.

Another smart Harper move. Even his jackel of a FM, Jim Flatulence is against this funding.

Shiner said...

I predict it results in a series of high profile rsignations from cabinet, starting with Clement... KIDDING!

Tof KW said...

When exactly did the Quebec Nordiques come back into the NHL? So they'll build a stadium and hope a team shows up? Ya, that same idea worked out so well for Hamilton.

The one thing I'll say about Saskatchewan's stadium plan; at least its for an existing team, and one who's fan base consistently fills up the current joint. People seem to forget that the Nordiques attendance numbers were less than stellar back in the day. Peladeau is loaded, he can pay for his own friggin' gamble.