Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EDL/JDL Love Fest Attracts Counterprotests, and Hindu Nationalist Security Detail!

The English Defense League/ Jewish Defense League cross-Atlantic meet-&-greet, scheduled for tonight at the Torontio Zionist Centre, will see counter-protests. The ARA plans to be there, and there will be a candlelight vigil held outside the nearby subway station.

More ominously, or perhaps hilariously, Canadian Hindu Advocacy--a Hindu Nationalist outfit consisting almost entirely of Ron Banerjee and Naresh Patel, will not only be in
attendance, they will will

...be sending a special security team to join JDL and deter any ARA and Islamic disruptors.

...which will presumably consist of Ron Banerjee and Naresh Patel.

Things should get hopping in front of the Zionist Center tonight! Someone's specs might get busted!

Interestingly enough, Banerjee is a supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) whose leader in the state of Gujurat, Narendra Modi, is...wait for it...a huge admirer of Adolf Hitler, and history texts in that state glorify Hitler as a great nationalist while making no mention of The Holocaust. So when JDL leader Meir Weinstein writes "Never Again!" well, hey buddy, your pals support people who aren't so sure it happened the first time.


Admin said...

Last year, I happened across a JDL rally and I got into an argument with Ron Banerjee, leader and likely the sole member of the "Canadian Hindu Advocacy" (sic). A far right extremist group that supports the fascist BJP/RSS party in India and is particularly fond of the BJP led government of Gujurat which is notable for its complicity in anti-Muslim pogroms and for having schools carry history textbooks that praise Hitler.

I asked Banerjee, who can often be seen at JDL events, how he can have the nerve to pretend to be pro-Jewish or even pro-Israel when he supports a party that praises Hitler.

His answer? "As long as they kill Muslims I don't care"

The JDLers by the way, didn't seem to be at all phased by having a guy whose party supported the Nazis during WWII in their midsts. One of them even said "World War II was a long time ago"

Anonymous said...

Fascists of a feather flock together indeed.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that surprises me about hindu involvement is the fact that the EDL recently attacked a hindu temple in Dudley.
weird, but I suppose not considering the stupidity of the folk involved.

Anonymous said...

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