Monday, January 24, 2011

Bourque: Fox News North Owner Wants New Que. Stadium Financed With Hard Working English Money Named After Separatist

Insider rumours swirling that Quebecor supremo PK Peladeau may be demanding of government in Ottawa and Quebec City that the new NHL arena be named the 'Forum Rene Levesque' in honour of the patron saint of the Parti Quebecois, a tip of the hat to PK's father and Quebecor founder Pierre Peladeau, a giant of the so-called 'Quebec, Inc.' of years past, a repository of then (and still) powerful Quebec-based industrialists and entrepreneurs. Peladeau Sr was said to be a huge fan of the former Quebec Premier, the supposed reason for Jr's insistence on naming rights. Quebec Premier Jean Charest, desperate for support from any quarter, is said to be onside. It is also said that certain Quebec Tories are pressuring Prime Minister Stephen Harper to accept the condition as a means to undermine Bloq Quebecois support and to appease soft-nationalists who might be inclined to vote Conservative if given sufficient reason to do so. An NHL arena named after Levesque, with international media exposure to a giant of Quebec sovereignty, might just fit the bill. Developing.

Its just a rumour, but I'm getting outraged on spec. There's also a poll where you can tell the cheese eater where to get off.


double nickel said...

Peladeau should spend more time trying to settle the labour dispute with his locked out employees, and less time trying to shake down the Canadian public.

CK said...

Jr is a Harper brown nose. Why he's choosing to name hypothetical arena after Rene Levesque is mind boggling.

DN, you're right, I too, think he should spend more time trying to settle with his locked out employees.

Shiner said...

Jr is a Harper brown nose.

I'm not so sure. More and more it seems to me that Peladeau is Harper's very own big daddy.

Southern Quebec said...

You know, of course, that you are talking about Quebec's Man of the Year?

When did Quebec City get an NHL franchise? Did I miss something?