Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tim Hudak Wows A Crowd Of 0

He' demanding the repeal of the province's hydro debt charge, whatever the fuck that is (and believe me, I try to keep up with this stuff).

Lets face it, he ain't got Rob Ford's populist touch.


CanadianSense said...

What is DRC

DRC is payable on electricity consumed in Ontario. All revenues from DRC are used exclusively to pay down the residual stranded debt of the former Ontario Hydro.

DRC is paid by most electricity users and replaces debt servicing costs already included as part of electricity bills. DRC will end once the residual stranded debt is retired.

*Your welcome btw.

bigcitylib said...

Thanks for that. My blood is already boiling with populist rage.

Omar said...

yeah, because it really is your only hope for survival.

Morakon said...

DRC was brought in by Harris after they botched restructing the electricity sector in Ontario. So if it helps stoke your anger, Hudak wants McGuinty to stop the unfair Harris Conservative Legacy Tax.

AgnoBlahger said...

Tory or grit, everyone can agree on the fact that Hudak has barely a pulse.

This guy brings together the blue base like my 100$ Canadian Tire vaccum cleaner brings together dirt; not very well.