Friday, January 07, 2011

CPoC Calgary Centre-North Candidate Michelle Rempel Is Way Past Hot

Here's a picture of her with some non-blonde. Note the look of pity on her face, as she sympathizes with the non-blonde for her not being blonde. I find that most blondes are like that. Innately noble and always courteous towards their weaker sisters.

Here's another picture of her in a cowboy hat (note: I've cropped the original to remove most of the non-blonde bits): I am told there are also pictures out there of her wearing naughty-secretary glasses, but these should be enough for tonight.

Calgary North Liberals are so fucking doomed.

PS. I have recently been informed that Mike Lake, Tory MP for Edmonton Beaumont, has great hair, something I had not heard before. If this is true, stay tuned for a BCLSB exclusive.


WesternGrit said...

Slow news day, BCL?

Omar said...

It would appear senses of humour evaporate west of Ontario regardless of political affiliation.

Karen said...

Is this message something the Liberal Party thinks will attract votes in Calgary Centre-North?

Attack policy, not a candidate's personal appearance. Your post offended me as a female and as someone who believes in the political system.

Anonymous said...

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