Monday, September 22, 2008

And So What Did We Learn?

1) For a Leader of his immense gloriousness, Stephen Harper makes some very poor hiring decisions.
2) The CTV newsroom looks like NASA's Space Center.
3) I say "uhm" too much, and either the camera adds more than ten pounds or the gals in the CTV makeup department threw in a double-chin for laughs.
4) Some of the youth of today don't know that "cash" and "cache" are different words. Otherwise they are very sweet.
5) The only thing I would pass off as (possibly) wisdom in the whole episode:

Murphy said the swift reaction has shown the power of blogs in elections, but he said it also revealed something about the vetting process for candidates.

"This guy was never gonna win," he said. "And so one of the things that I've been doing is looking at the no-hopers on the premise that they're not vetted that deeply. But if they're not vetted deeply, and something comes up, it's going to embarrass the campaign on a national level."

As such, he compared it to the controversy involving pot-smoking and the NDP. On Wednesday, NDP candidate Dana Larsen dropped out of the election after he was shown in old video lighting joints, taking LSD and driving while "flying," as he said in a video.

Now to work! There's governments to topple!


Steve V said...


Good stuff on CTV, I thought you handled yourself with poise, almost like you've done it before :)

Mike said...

He he, rock star.

I'm not Liberal, but i do love to see a Con get what they deserve. Keep it up.

Karen said...

I caught your interview by accident and agree with the others.

Well done!

Andy Lehrer said...

Would have been more fun had you held you fire until after the deadline to withdraw as a candidate passed:)

Ann D said...

I'm so sorry I missed it. I do love to see democracy in action. You need to add a "Democracy Rock Star" icon to your blog. :-)

Ti-Guy said...

OMG! U R teh famous!

Saskboy said...

Well done, you're on your way to being CTV's bloggy expert/contact.

Ti-Guy said...

If so, you'll have to grow chin pubes like Stephen Taylor and Steven "Wanke" Janke.

Frankly, the MSM needs to talk to a few more women bloggers. This sausage fest is becoming offense, BCL.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that little bit of work. I live in his riding, and now he has gone from a unknown 2-bit conservative a-hole who only a few knew, to a nationally known one. Now he's found himself ostracized not only in the neighborhood, but pretty much everywhere.

As someone who has a site, I don't know how you take down a site and still have other able to access. I'd just have to go to my server and hit delete on public HTML files.

You've inspired many including myself to spend some time digging around some of the others places around that there could be others showing their true colours.

Now if someone had blogged what Ritz had said, they'd be off the ticket so fast, yet, he remains the Minister of Agriculture.

Reality Bites said...

We also learned that the people on FreakDominion are certifiably insane. According to them, Reid is an insane "homo activist" who orchestrated this whole thing to make Harper look bad. Which doesn't say much for how easily Harper is duped, mind you.

First the Tories recruit a flaming homo-activist, then he sabotages them by making these "right wing" comments. I don't believe for a second that this guy believes anything he wrote about guns, abortion, the CHRCs or the Indian Act. What better way to get inside the tent, make comments you know will be viewed by the media as outrageous and in line with the media's stereotype of the "right wing extremist", then you bail on the party who nominated you once you light the fuse. The Tories' efforts to pander to the homo community made them blind to this subterfuge. It looks good on them.

Ti-Guy said...

Whoo boy. Thank God the FreakDominionists never leave the basement or when they do, are too drunk to mount any kind of coordinated action.

Still, to be safe, they should probably be, you know, institutionalised. For their safety as much as ours.

Unknown said...

Good interview BCL; you handled yourself very well.