Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tory Minister of National Defense Can't Find The Arctic Ocean!

He [Peter MacKay] got his speaking notes for the Northwest Passage mixed up with his speaking notes for the Arctic Ocean, and I think that's pretty appalling given the importance of this particular issue for the long-term interests of Canada.

You can't assert sovereignty over it if you can't find it. Can Canada afford four more years from a government in which the players--other than the PM himself--are a bunch of developmentally challenged cabbage heads?

Booyah! Right back at ya!


femaleCONvoter said...

In rural southwestern Ontario, I will be voting Conservative again. Canada deserves a leader that can be counted on to make the right decisions for this country. Harper has proven to Canadian voters that his government was the right choice last time and will be this time.

bigcitylib said...

They let you vote down there?

Boris said...

That appears to be Conspam - the same comment appeared over a Dr Dawg's place.

bigcitylib said...

I noticed. Hello to the lads in the Bunker!

RossK said...

There's no spam like CONspam.

(especially the canned version)