Sunday, September 28, 2008

Peter Kent And The Anti-Abortion Movement

Dr. Dawg gets credit for pointing out that Peter Kent, Tory Candidate for Thornhill, has ties to the CCD (Canadian Coalition for Democracies), best known for their anti-Islamic bias (evidenced by their support of the Tories "veiled voter legislation") and their attempts to smear Liberal Liberal MP Omar Alghabra.

And Bucket's gets credit for pointing out that the CCD is one of the organizations supporting the Canada Family Action Coalition complaint to the Judicial Council (pdf here). This complaint demanded that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Beverley Maclaughlin, be impeached for having chaired the committee that awarded the Order of Canada to Morgentaler.

Given Mr. Kent's relatively moderate stance (for a Tory) on Gay rights, it is difficult to understand why he should allow the CCD to be involved in rather shoddy attempt by the Canadian pro-Life movement to smear both Beverley Maclaughlin and Henry Morgentaler.

Oh wait, lets read that Lifesite headline again!

Star Tory Candidate" Peter Kent Totally For
Gay Political Agenda For Years

Some pro-life activists suggest strategic voting for Liberal to Stop His Bad
Influence on Tories

Quid Pro Quo? The CCD backs the Campaign Life complaint; Campaign Life doesn't make trouble for Kent.

If Mr. Kent wishes to salvage his "moderate" credentials, he needs to come clean on this.


Dante said...

You have such a twisted sense of moderate.

Ti-Guy said...

How is BCL's sense of moderate twisted? Can you expand on that?

Anyway, I'm not understanding who's on each end of a quid pro quo here, BCL. Could you clarify?

bigcitylib said...

CCD backs petition. Campaign life doesn't make trouble for Kent.

Ti-Guy said...

Ah, I see. Does Campaign Life generate a list of endorsements/denunciations of anti-choice/pro-choice candidates? Or have they fobbed that off to one of their better-financed/less-confused partners in astroturfing?

Reality Bites said...

I'm not saying no, BCL, but a denunciation from Campaign Life should have to be reported as a campaign contribution where Kent is running.