Monday, September 08, 2008

EmbarassaTory Monday: Harper Hangin' With Extremists

Back in the good (or bad) old days, when Conservatives embraced their political base rather than fleeing it madly, Stephen Harper appeared with Ed and Connie of FreeDominion fame, whose exploits I have chronicled at great length.
Here they are all celebrating the launch of the Iraq War in March of 2003. There are smiles all around because they just know the Iraqis will greet U.S. soldiers with flowers.
PS. Yes, that document on the podium is in fact the Hidden Agenda. Harper hides it a little better these days. If you look close you can seen that he's got it turned to the page on "Secret Recipes".


Reality Bites said...

It's debatable who's now more embarassed by that picture, the Fourniers or Harper

Ti-Guy said...

Stephen Harper: A man with vision.

Of course, the media take great pains not to remind Canadians of that, Harper's most despicable act. In hindsight though, had he won the 2004 election, he'd be on the street fighting off his fellow derelicts, Tony Blair and John Howard for the space on the grate.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, at least Auntie is making the right connection: extremists and terrorist supporters.