Monday, September 08, 2008

That Liberal Plane

Presumably, the Liberal campaign has been scripted for some time now. If the plan did not require a plane until day four, why would the party waste money renting a plane longer than we need to?

Cherniak is basically correct on this one, although I don't know whether the decision to not rent a plane until Wednesday followed the script, or the script followed an inability to get the plane. In any case, the ridings being visited are not all safe seats by a long shot, and any time that Dion spends is Quebec, at this point, is well spent. The press kerfuffle is just a matter of the Conservative attack machine scoring a point on some gullible reporters and my only concern is: where is the Liberal Party list of Tory "gotcha" moments, real or perceived? Are they supposed to be above this kind of thing?


penlan said...

The plane deal is much ado about nothing. But of course the Cons will grab ahold of it to make Dion & the Libs look "disorganized". As Cherniak said, why waste money on something until you need it.

Ti-Guy said...

Remember, the press is chock-a-block with boys who have the same emotional maturity as your average blog troll.

This campaign is going to be a litany of...*shriek*..."gaffes" like this.

Auntie Liberal said...

A plane? Dion - Mr. Green - is telling us to conserve fuel and reduce our carbon footprint by flying around in a 30+ year-old airplane? You're joking, right?