Monday, September 29, 2008

Halton Tories Out To Sabotage Tory Candidate!

I've written extensively about Lisa Raitt's difficulties re earning the loyalty of Conservative Party insiders in Halton, where the CPoC hierarchy parachuted her in as a "star" candidate.

Well, some of these CPoC rebs have started their own blog urging local voters to vote neither for Lisa nor incumbent Garth Turner. Their latest message to the people of Halton:

The Truth: We still have pipelines into the party, and the local numbers indicate that Halton is truly in play.

If it wasn't a close race, why would we care? Lisa Raitt would lose and the back room boys in Ottawa would learn a lesson. But Lisa Raitt is definitely in contention, and we're concerned that the people in Ottawa will start to think that they know better than local riding associations. For the long term health of our party, we need the back room brokers to trust us on the ground.

Don't vote for Garth Turner, the man who sold his riding out.

Don't vote for Lisa Raitt, the woman who was handed this riding by people who think they own it.

Now, Steve Janke has written a lot of nonsense about the blog authors being NDP supporters involved in an elaborate conspiracy, but my own sources among disgruntled Halton Tories believe that this is a sincere attempt to thwart the party machine. We'll see if it works.


Reality Bites said...

Their message makes no sense. Only the Liberals and CPC are in contention and one of them will win. If they want to send a message to the party, they need to decide what that message is. Voting for neither candidate is essentially spoiling their ballot, even if they vote NDP or Green.

bigcitylib said...

Incoherent but enthusiastic.