Friday, September 12, 2008

In Case You Missed It

Amidst the large scale meltdowns in the Tory campaign yesterday came a few smaller ones. For example, after some good investigative reporting on the part of Kady O'Malley, it was discovered that footage on the notaleader website did not appear with permission of the rights holders. From TVO's The Agenda blog

Some of the clips might look familiar. They have been taken from an Agenda interview with Stephane Dion, snapped off the context and put them to work. And that is where an ad like this can cause trouble. Now the Conservatives are going to have to deal with the embarrassment of being told to take the clips down (sort of like when Heart told Sarah Palin to stop playing Barracuda at her rallies).

Meanwhile, there are rumours that NotaLeader might be disappearing soon (see video through link). Thus far its still there, although some of the functionality of the site has been disabled. If the "excuse generator" goes down for good, I am claiming credit.

(PS. someone tells me my post on gaming the excuse generator was mentioned on CBC last night. Does anyone else remember that, and can they point me towards an online recording of the show?)


Gayle said...

It was on CBC. They have a segment on political blogs during the election. If they show the whole newscast on the web I can tell you it was early on, during the headline portion where they discussed the election.

She actually gave you credit for shutting down that portion of the site, so good on you!

Now, can you do something about those polling numbers...? :)

bigcitylib said...

Found it. Thanks.