Friday, September 05, 2008

Catholic Insight: The Poop On PAP!!

...on the "questionable content complaint" launched against CI for their "alleged" gay bashing. What follows are a couple of screen caps from the various Heritage Canada reports and investigations. Put briefly, it was primarily linking homosexuality to paedophilia that got CI in dutch with HC's Periodical Publishing Policy and Program department. More specifically, it got them on a list of monitored publications and put their PAP subsidy (theirfree government stamps) at risk:

A fascinating document and this short post doesn't really do it justice. Hopefully, more will follow. In any case, thanks to my super secret source. And, oh yes, for you speechy warriors out there, it ain't about free speech.


Terrence C. Watson said...

I don't think many of us speechies care if Catholic Insight continues to receive subsidies or not.

I do appreciate you getting on top of this, BCL. Get those offensive magazines off welfare :-).


bigcitylib said...

For some of us its a calling.

Ti-Guy said...

How's it going with Rogers publications, BCL? Now that's some particularly well-larded corporate welfare, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

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