Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Charles Adler Chose To Become A Mouth Breather

He probably doesn't remember it, but Charles Adler interviewed me about 15 years ago when (if I am remembering correctly) he worked on a television show for none other than Garth Turner. I remember a pale, puffy fellow who, from the size of the knot in his neck-tie, never really learned the trick.

And it always amuses me to see how his move West transformed him into a Calgary Carnivore, throwing out slabs of raw meat for the local yokals. So when you read something like this, remember, its all fake. Charle's knows a few two syllable words; there's just no point using them in Alberta.


Saskboy said...

Gloating about a 43% "majority". Our media is so completely broken.

JL said...

Charle's knows a few two syllable words; there's just no point using them in Alberta

A cheap shot at Albertans by a Liberal, so brave.

Auntie Liberal said...

Why the name-calling? Are you really that juvenile?

Unknown said...

"The Canadian Word for Hiccup is Dion"

At least the title of Adler's article is mildly amusing.

Unknown said...