Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apparently, She Is No Longer A C**T

Others have written about Durham NDP candidate Andrew McKeever and his Facebook flareup in which he, among other things, called NDP (presumably) blogger Krystalline Kraus some rather nasty names and threatened another with physical violence.

Well, guess what! Krystalline (whose parents must have been hippies) and Andrew have kissed and made-up. In fact, they've done more than that; they've issued a joint statement in which McKeever renounces all the views he held so passionately just two months ago and gets in line with the NDP re U.S. army deserters and the war in Afghanistan.

One must ask: was Mr. McKeever on drugs when he denounced Ms. Kraus? And did the two share a big fatty before they wrote their "joint" statement?

Get it? "Joint" statement? Get it? I kill me sometimes.

And somewhere Jack Layton is reading about this and thinking "I could sure the fuck use a toke about now! Where the fuck did I stash my rollies?"


sharonapple88 said...
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Unknown said...

TiGuy - you of all people should know what comes off the keypads of bloggers/commenters doesn't always reflect how they present themselves in day to day life. The anonymity of blogs can sometimes lead people to say things that they come to regret.

I would never defend what McKeever said but since Krystalline has accepted his apology an he has confirmed that he supports party policy, I figure it is up to the voters to decide if they want to support him. Given that it is Durham I doubt it is a priority for the NDP and that they likely don't expect to put that one in the win column.

sharonapple88 said...

More important than the insults, is the 180 degree spin in beliefs.(McKeever: "These American Traitors have no place in my Country. There are bona fide (and by that I mean REAL) refugees out there. Not American crybabies that are trying to turn this country into a hotel.") It's easy for him to say that he's changed... why not go further in saying how this metamorphosis came about. My bet is that it had something to do with being public exposed as not fitting in with party policy. Now, I'm too cynical to really object to something like this (this is politics), but I'm not going to slap the guy on the back and congratulate the guy for it either.

Now, I can see giving leeway for the comments (things can get heated... although not very classy this Mr. McKeever). As for the apology, it probably wouldn't be looked at with suspicion if it hadn't been made months afterwards, when it was exposed as a possible embarassment for the NDP.

And yes, he wouldn't have won the seat in Durham, but local candidates can put a smudge on a national party (Lee Richardson, the Conservative candidate had to back down about his comments about immigrants). Better to get McKeever to retract than to admit that there may have been something off in nominating him in the first place.

(All the party have had to deal with off-kilter candidates, a possible symptom of a snap election, snap candidates... although you'd think some would be prepared for it more than others considering there was talk since the winter of bringing down the government.)

ricky said...

Jack is not reading this. He's rolling along without any thought about the Liberals. He has one target and its Harper. Of course because he is doing so well, these things are sliding off him, its not sticking just as the pot smoking dudes has not stuck.

I hope he is having a joint now and again, maybe thats what Dion needs.

Dion can't scare anyone

Ti-Guy said...

The anonymity of blogs can sometimes lead people to say things that they come to regret.

Right. That why you're supposed to stay anonymous. There's absolutely no point anymore in engaging in these types of discussions under your real name. Anything can and will be used to against you, eventually, especially with terrible infants running around engaging in endless smearing.

Frankly, I think Andrew's and Soleil Moon Frye's (or whatever her name is) parents should have cut off their Internet long ago.

Reality Bites said...

This joint statement has done nothing to improve my opinion of McKeever. It has, however, flushed my opinion of Krystalline Kraus right down the toilet. I have zero respect now for her honesty and integrity. One could forgive a "kiss and make up" among two people who despise each other in the name of party unity, but this creep (McKeever) is in no way a real New Democrat.

It really shouldn't be rocket science to vet someone who blogged under his own freaking name! Used to be that to smear someone you might actually have to take things out of context. Not with today's candidates.

It may have been a snap election, but we've been in a minority situation for over two years. The quality of candidates in all three major national parties is absolutely appalling. In the case of the Conservative Party, of course, that applies equally to their incumbents. Makes me wish we had elected dog-catchers so I could point out they're not fit to be elected as them!

Unknown said...

Her parent's aren't hippies- her real name is Crystal Ann Kraus...