Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can We Call The Tory Web Strategy A Total Disaster Now?

After putting up profiles mocking well known Canadian journalists, the Tories have now PULLED THEM DOWN from the DIONBOOk portion of their site.

Luckily, you can still use the site to send dirty emails on behalf of Stephen Harper.

11 comments: said...

Yes the tory web strategy consisted of those two small details, even add the puffin gaffe, and I wouldn't have leaped to such a conclusion.

Whats with liblogs? An election happens and the exaggeration gets magnified by 10? Now I don't like the Conservatives, but there's so much to criticize them over instead of exaggerations.


wilson said...

There is not ONE post on Liblogs about Dion doubling the Beer and Popcorn cheque to families with kids under 6...???
It's a major, very expensive, Lib funding announcement and no mention? Why?

Jay said...

Wilson, it is what it is and us liberals don't need to crow in order to prove we are sincere. Being the NATURAL governing party and being elected over and over people know what we stand for and know we will deliver.

You supposi-tories talk a lot to cover the fact that you offer nothing. Prime example is theis sham election Harper has called. The supposi-tories have no platform just smear and to all of our glee its blown up in your faces (both of them). Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch of knit-wits.

Please enlighten us as to exactly what you supposi-tories are offering other than a 2 cent pittance on diesel that will be swallowed up the very next day when they markets open.


Unknown said...

Have the Libs had any luck getting their campaign plane off the ground?

It's wonderful to see their superbly honed campaign organizational tactics in action.

Ti-Guy said...

I've written Desmogblog and begged them to un-ban Paul S. Seriously, someone else needs to babysit this "special needs" child for a while.

Unknown said...

It appears the Liberals have had the oil leak on their ancient campaign plane repaired. All that's required now is a pilot.

Ti-Guy said...

Does anyone know what Paul S. is talking about?

Unknown said...

We're talking about the Liberals fearsome organizational prowess; or lack thereof.

Now bring up an irrelevant reference to DeSmogblog again ti.

Ti-Guy said...

Now bring up an irrelevant reference..

Now, that's funny.

Look, Paul S., we all know you're good at being a useless prick. You chide people with off-topic comments, you mystify everyone with your boundless ignorance, you never contribute anything in terms of informed argument and you lie.

The only thing I don't understand is...what do you get out of this, exactly?

Unknown said...

"The only thing I don't understand is...what do you get out of this, exactly?"

I post on whichever blogs I choose to ti. If it upsets you so much, find another blog as your role is little more then sidekick anyways.

Ti-Guy said...

If it upsets you so much, find another blog as your role is little more then sidekick anyways.

No, I'm a fan; BCL's first post remains one of the best he's ever written. And I have contributed substantively

Don't keep lying, Paul S...answer the question as posed.