Monday, September 15, 2008

NDP Has Union Problems?

From the Now I've Seen Everything department:

Apparently, the federal NDP is about to be hauled before a labour relations board after pulling the plug on one of its Quebec offices, which, according to federal secretary Eric Hebert, didn’t “meet the objectives of the federal office in the present context and … marginalizes the important work of the Section.”
As a result, three Montreal-based staffers were informed that, as of July 26th, they’d be laid off, although with “all of their rights and entitlements under the collective agreement”, including overtime and vacation pay. After the staffers launched a grievance, the original layoff notice was retracted, and replaced with a second notice: they were still being laid off, but as of August 5th, not July 26th - and that those benefits that were supposed to be honoured, like overtime, could no longer be guaranteed because the federal party had failed to send along the $36,000 that was to cover the Quebec office operating costs for the second quarter.

In brief: the NDP sacked a couple of employees and then tried to stiff them for their payout. Canada's party of the Dippy Hippies has finally grown up!


penlan said...

Apparently the situation has been resolved. That was made known yesterday.

bigcitylib said...

Apparently NOT. Read the story linked.

penlan said...

Oops -


I read that yesterday at ITQ & was going by this, where it hasn't been updated yet.

" UPDATE - I just got off the phone with NDP federal secretary Eric Hebert, who told me that the dispute was actually resolved early last week, and that the hearing has been called off. Which doesn’t fit with the September 12th update on the union site, so I’m trying to get in touch with them to find out what’s going on. I’ll update further when I have more to report."

Guess I spoke too soon. So don't really know which is the truth.

Unknown said...

According to a poster over at ITQ it would seem that the LPC doesn't believe that their political staffers should be unionized at all. The poster also noted that the LPC hires young and pays cheap. So glass houses and all...