Friday, September 19, 2008

And Here's The Context

...for this:

"He was asked by a reporter why he was avoiding using the phrase “Green Shift” since it was a central plank in the Liberal platform.

“You have said it was — never me,” he said. “I always said it was an important policy for Canada. I would strongly believe it will be good for our country.”

Dion said the key to keeping Canada competitive in the 21st century is to produce more but use less in sectors, including agriculture.

“Green Shift is part of the solution, but the solution is the overall plan of the Liberal government,” he said"

I suppose we can quibble over the meaning of "central", but what this clearly shows is that Dion was merely situating The Green Shift within the context of the overall Liberal plan, not abandoning it. What it also shows is that the Winnipeg Sun reportedly story more accurately than the TO Star. Who could have imagined the day?


RuralSandi said...

Better let Kinsella know, he's upset about a headline and said it's over.

Pal Hal Pall said...

distancing themselves from the green shift is the Liberals' way of symbolically distancing themselves from Dion himself. It's a shame, because the plan is a good one after all.

Dirk Buchholz said...

Quibble all you want...the fact still remains the Liberals have run a confused and weak campaign.It all started with "Green Shift" and Dion's inability to explain the concept in a convincing manner.
Hence their latest decision(or what ever you want to call it) to downplay "Green Shift",indeed now it's anything but "Green Shift"

Ti-Guy said...

This is how elections make Conservatives stupider.

bigcitylib said...


Weak and confused is probably a fair assessment.

Ti-Guy said...

You're reading too much Kinsella and other rapid-cycling manic-depressives, BCL.

Ann D said...

I touched base with some local Liberal party reps and got similar reassurance that Dion is as committed to Green Shift as ever -- as part of a well-rounded party platform.

I can remember them stating this on a couple of occasions since the official campaign launch.

I think I've read so many distorted messages about the platform from the Conservatives that I lost sight of that momentarily earlier today.

Ann D

Raging Ranter said...

This campaign is like the most boringest, worstest campaign in history. My side is winning and I don't even feel that great about it. Can you post the chicken again? I really think it would help.

Ti-Guy said...

My side is winning and I don't even feel that great about it.

Well, as soon as you lose weight and start dating girls, you'll cheer up.

Raging Ranter said...

C'mon. The chicken. The CHICKEN!

Demosthenes said...

Well explained, BCL.

Odd that Warren ignored such heavy manipulation, especially considering he has no love whatsoever for TorStar.

Saskboy said...

The Sun has surprised me twice now, not only for them noticing the Green's release about the hidden Jaccard Report. Yet they still had that turd talk about May being a "bag-lady".

captcha: puslzd ... by the Sun?
It didn't accept it. next try

Austin said...

If this is a post about Kinsella, it's clear that he values his "fame", and is willing to cozy up to his fawners, than actually provide useful insight on a consistent basis. For me, that sop story about Johnny Rotten treating him like shit just nailed it.

He doesn't like the Dion team by the looks of it. And I suppose he feels hurt by being left out of the loop. So in the safety of this blog, he'll spout off, but in public in front of LPC members, he'll soften up his delivery big time.

His willingness to continue this "why are dion's advisors telling him to backtrack", to his "how can they not have a frickin' plane they are so disorganized" among other things, just demonstrates that he really is out of the loop.

And since he is peering into the house party from outside the window, he'd rather pee on the lawn to make himself happy. Welcome to his blog.


bigcitylib said...


THe chicken is only for special occasions. You must wait for the chicken.

Chris Reid said...

It's a shame BigCityLib, since my campaign info is easily available, you could actually contact me asking me to explain how I developed my conclusions on issues. I would have happily responded, as I love a good, civilized political conversation.
I was hoping to raise the level up political discourse in this election.