Sunday, September 07, 2008

EmbarassaTory Sunday: Mike Lake And Bigfoot

Back in May of 2007, Conservative MP Mike Lake (Edmonton, Mill Woods-Beaumont) recieved a thorough reaming from both the blogosphere and MSM for taking a constituent petition to the House of Commons that would have had Bigfoot protected under the Canadian Species at Risk Act. I must admit I played a small role in the pile-on when I discovered that the man behind the petition was "Bigfoot researcher" Todd Standing, whose greatest claim to fame in the world of crypto-zoology was 12 seconds of some pretty iffy looking Bigfoot footage, and a "documentary" on Bigfoot entitled Sylvanic that apparently involved some very bad acting.

The intensity of the ridicule grew so intense that Mr. Lake eventually disowned his petition:

The press release [issued May 3rd] is the only statement that Mr. Lake will be making. He is not responding to any media requests in the hope that this issue will go away. Mr. Lake does not believe in Bigfoot!

Remember this, Edmonton voters, when the time comes!

Here a Bigfoot, feeling sad and betrayed by his erstwhile champion, leaves Edmonton behind.


Pal Hal Pall said...

So what does this exactly mean? That the conservatives are more likely to do something about Bigfoot than they are about climate change? Or deforestation? Perhaps now that they accept that Bigfoot is a hoax, they will have no guilt about clearcutting Canada's forests.

bigcitylib said...

All of those things...and worse.

admin said...

This might embarass a Tory;-)

Anonymous said...

what is embarrassing is Steffi . . the man who eats a hot dog with a knife & fork and hasn't a clue what a carpool is.

Color his toasted hide green.

Andy Lehrer said...

Actually BCL, my understanding is that MPs are supposed to present petitions to Parliament submitted by their constituents regardless of whether or not they agree with them. Now, many MPs probably break this rule but I don't think you should criticize an MP when they are actually doing their job.