Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Resource For Strategic Voters

Some enterprising enviro types (including DeSmogBlogs Kevin Grandia) have put a ton of effort into the Vote For Environment website. As well as providing information on the environmental plans of each party, it analyzes of every close riding in the nation and, where possible, provides a recommendation as to how to cast a vote to keep the Tories out.


Ti-Guy said...
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Lord Kitchener's Own said...

See, and this is a great illustration of why I don't understand why the Grits and Dippers don't both get behind strategic voting!

Look at those numbers!

Election if Today:
Cons 147, Libs 76, NDP 34

Cons 97, Libs 109, NDP 46

I know which Parliament I'd rather see!

The "Find your Candidate" tool is really great too!

Of course, I'm in one of those safe Toronto ridings where I can pretty much vote however I please (I'll probably vote NDP, like I did in the last couple of elections) but I'd vote Liberal if I were in a riding where it would matter.

Of course, I have it easy.