Monday, September 15, 2008

The Effect Of The Money Is Wearing Off

The Conservatives' substantial lead over the Liberals appears to be narrowing, according to an opinion poll released on Monday ahead of the Oct. 14 federal election.

The next parliament will be a photocopy of the last one, I betcha.

Update: Nik's numbers show the Tories fading as well.


Ti-Guy said...

Libloggers need to mount an assault on the Macleans blogs and chase off a number of ConBots who are squatting there. You can't read any of their blogs (which I consider fairly neutral, non-partisan, and actually pretty good for the MSM) without seeing the same three trolls cocking every discussion with their boundless stupidity.

Mike Brock said...

It doesn't matter if Harper doesn't win a majority. Dion doesn't have a chance in hell in winning a minority. If Harper does as well as he did last time, or marginally better, he's effectively won.

The Liberals will be $20 million in debt, the Conservative funding raising machine rages on, the opposition parties will be essentially hogtied.

The Conservatives will play an even tougher game, and govern like a majority, and the opposition will have no choice but to let them do so with impunity. At least for 2 years.

Either way, this election is a write-off for the Liberals.

The Conservatives have never polled below 32 percent since the last election, and the Liberals have never cracked that threshold. We can pretty much deduce that the Liberal "base" is smaller than the Conservative base, and with a weak leader like the Dion, they have f'-all room to grow.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, God...the psycho's escaped Kathy Shaidle's leather restraints again.