Thursday, September 18, 2008

Potheads And Power

Interesting, and possibly scandalous, article by "Prince of Pot" Marc Emery on Dana Larsen and his ill-fated campaign for the NDP. I fundamentally agree with its conclusion, which is that Canadian politicians are terribly hypocritcal with respect to drug use issues, especially since their ranks are filled with various varieties of abuser.

The possibly scandalous part is that Emery names a few names. A few I hadn't hear about, anyway.


Ti-Guy said...

I thought you'd have picked up on this article from todays G&M: Anti-hate law vital in age of Net, human-rights tribunal told.

It's not that interesting except for this quote from Paul Fromm:

Paul Fromm, an intervenor who supports Mr. Lemire, told Mr. Hadjis that virtually all of those targeted in Section 13 complaints have been modestly educated, "lower-class" individuals who tended to phrase objections to immigrants or particular groups in crude, hyperbolic "bar talk."

"Modestly-educated, lower-class individuals." Yup. That's Mark Steyn.

bigcitylib said...

I read the live-blog of the event at FreeD and didn't find the newspaper articles, as you say, very interesting. Four months and the whole thing comes to a close.

Unknown said...

The obsession with Steyn and Levant gives new meaning to the phrase "sore loser".

Game is over. Your team lost. Badly. Learn some legal priniciples next time before launching frivolous cases and wasting everyones time.

Ti-Guy said...

Did Paul S. just queef?