Monday, September 08, 2008

Rural Radicals Carry Conservative Message

According to Stephen Taylor, that's a picture of someone from the Ontario Land Owners Association with a CPoC "Tax On Everything" t-shirt". This fellow is protesting a Dion event in Ottawa.

Randy Hillier fronted these guys a couple of years ago, during which time he called for, among other things, a separate state in rural Ontario. More recently several members of their leadership were arrested several weeks ago up in Horton township for protesting the installation of a couple of septic tanks.

Nice bunch to have on your side, Stephen!

(PS. Although it also looks like the OLA will be trying to meet with CPoC next time Harper is in Ottawa. Wonder what kind of response they'll get)


Gayle said...

I actually posted on Taylor's site that his description is a little skewed. For example, he says that "1000 people" were expected, but only 300 turned up. Yet in Kady's blog she suggests the organizers were surprised so many people showed up. She also pretty much minimalizes the effect of these "protesters" - though you would never know it by reading Taylor's version of events (was he even there?).

Anyway, apparently he did not like my comments because they did not get past moderation.

(Sorry, I know this is not really the topic of the post, but I had to vent)

Ti-Guy said...

Anyway, apparently he did not like my comments because they did not get past moderation.

I'm shocked.

Austin said...

Well gayle...try being banned from Kinsella's blog for calling him out on his vanity, while pointing out the spin he does against the current LPC for the attention and the "humour angle".

I think sometimes we are our worst enemies more than the nutbars on the far right.


Ti-Guy said...

Stephen Taylor's on TVO's The Agenda presenting expert expertise on digital democracy.


Gayle said...

In fairness, my posts finally went up. This was not a delay because of moderation since he put up a bunch of posts after I made my comment, and then added mine later.

At least now you can go over there and bask in the glory of my biting commentary and infinite wisdom! :)