Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canada Will Now Discriminate Against Muslim Voters

After standing tall for so many months, it looks like Marc Mayrand has felt the need to make a conciliatory gesture towards Canadian mouth-breathers. Note that the new directive, like the "veiled voters legislation" that died when this election was called, will have no effect on voting fraud--if you are willing to don a veil in order to cheat, surely you will be willing to recite an oath to further the deception. It also does nothing to cover voting by mail--you can don your veil when you drop a ballot in the mailbox, and you don't have to utter any silly oaths either!

Very disappointing from a man who I was beginning to regard as a bit of a hero.


skdadl said...

I agree with you, but plz to note sp of Mayrand.

Auntie Liberal said...

Sorry, but in Canada we use picture ID to confirm your identity.

And we all know that it's the lefties who are the only source of voter fraud, not the right.

meddy said...

From form EC90171 (09/08) --

Provide one original piece of identification issued by a government or government agency containing your photo, name and address. e.g.: driver's licence
Provide two original pieces of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Both pieces must contain your name and one must also contain your address. e.g.: health card and hydro bill
Swear an oath and be vouched for by an elector who is on the list of electors in the same polling division and who has an acceptable piece or pieces of identification. e.g.: a neighbour, your roommate

Marc Mayrand appears to have eliminated the second option just for those who wear veils.

Ti-Guy said...

Sorry, but in Canada we use picture ID to confirm your identity.

It's a good thing lying like this isn't an obstacle to voting.

Liars like you are the ones we should worry about when it comes to voter fraud, though.

Time to turf this fuckwad troll, BCL.

Beijing York said...

I heard the most ridiculous excuse for this targeted discrimination. I believe it was from an Elections Canada spokesperson on the CBC One radio news. According to that person, it's not about ID but about determining whether these women are 18 years or older. Can you believe such tripe? Also, how does looking at their faces determine whether a woman is 16 or 20? Absolute bullshit.