Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Tories Run Gay Nutter In TO!

Chris Reid was a former candidate for Toronto City Council in 2006. He is now running for the Tories in Toronto Center. Chris runs a blog, Political Thoughts From A Gay Conservative which recently was made "members only". Fortunately, google-cache lets us in on some of Chris' earlier posts.

For example, here's Chris on that terrible prairie bus stabbing:

A man with a knife was able to go on a murderous rampage decapitating a fellow human being. The rest of the bus was unarmed and helpless. What was the generous Canadian thing to do? Help a fellow human being? No. Flee in terror. Passengers and the bus driver stood by and watched another person being butchered, and couldn't muster up any courage or self sacrifice to intervene. This is where socialism as gotten us folks, a castrated effeminate population.

This is a perfect example of why we need concealed-carry handgun legislation in this country, so we can defend one another and deter horrible events such as this. But what are our politicians talking about? More government regulation and security.

Chris wants laws that allow us to tote around concealed hand-guns.

And here's Chris considers trashing the Canadian Health Act:

I do know the one main issue that stands in the way of a consumer driven health care system is the Canada Health Act. However, courts in Quebec have concluded that people cannot be barred from purchasing their own health care. I wonder if a similar challenge in Ontario would yield a similar result?

And here's Chris on the plight of native protester Bob Lovelace:

What bothers me about these perpetually aggrieved people is their obsession with wanting to stay victims so they can tell other people to fix their problems.

Here's some of Chris' "Conservative Solutions" for a better Canada:

A flax income tax, or better yet, eliminate personal and business income taxes all together, and just have a consumption tax to promote investing which would raise people's living standards.


Ending abortion.


Allow law abiding citizens who are qualified and trained to carry concealed handguns for personal protection. It's the only proven way to reduce violent crime and murder. If women and gays really wanted to stop being victims of hate crimes, they'd be in support of this, but judging from discussions, they'd rather be helpless and rely on government.

I especially like this last bit. Women and Gays who don't support legislation that lets you pack around a .45 magnum want to stay victims. Are we apologizing yet, Chris? I sense one coming.

Chris on author Linda McQuaig:

The reality is that McQuaig wants Canada to do badly, because the worse Canada does, the more books she will sell. Despite her emotional rhetorical skills, she is getting rich by exploiting the deaths of our soldiers.

Chris on his fellow gays:

What I found them to tolerate is promoting promiscuity, drug usage, and prostitution.

Trust the Tories to find the one gay crazy in TO. No wonder he didn't want too many people reading his blog.


Unknown said...

This guy is saying that he has no courage or self sacrifice either, but armed with a handgun he becomes Marshal Matt Dillion.
I received a flyer from my Conservative MP and it appears the Cons want to cancel the long gun registry. That will be their first step, what’s next?

“Allow law abiding citizens who are qualified and trained to carry concealed handguns for personal protection.”
Problem with some law abiding citizens is they sometimes fall off the righteous path. According to The Canadian Firearms Program 15,045 firearm licences have been revoked to date.
NOTE: Reasons why firearms licence have been revoked include: a history of violence, mental illness, potential risk to himself/herself or others, unsafe firearm use and storage, drug offences, and providing false information.

“It's the only proven way to reduce violent crime and murder.” One study in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that having a gun in the home made it nearly three times more likely that someone in the family would be killed.

johnsmith_9999 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mark said...

He favours consumption taxes over income taxes? Sounds like a plan. Or a shift.

Ti-Guy said...

He's a conservative to go gay for, amiright, lil' Boggin' Toree boys?

buckets said...

He mentions in his first post (October 2007) that he is *resuming* blogging.

Anyone know whether he had been blogging at this site or another?

Saskboy said...

Is he some kind of trojan horse in the party, or what?

And a "flax tax"? The guy's even anti-farmer ;-) (flat tax, no doubt).

bigcitylib said...


I am removing your comment as it may be libelous. I will follow up though, and if you have links or something to prove the claim, please slip me an email.

Buckets, yeah I wondered about that too.

Anonymous said...

What can I say? Gay & Conservative = confused. If he’s running in Toronto Centre then he’s just a throw away candidate as far as his party is concerned.

Ti-Guy said...

Gay & Conservative = confused.

Which probably suits the incoherent conservatism of the current Conservative Party of Canada very well. It really has become a big tent for loony ideologues and radicals of all stripes. I'm sure there are conservative Marxists (who believe excessive liberalism corrupted pure Marxism) who are planning on voting Conservative. We all know the former Trotskyites are Conservative.

And Harper doesn't care as long they can mark an "X" beside his Party's name.

Joe said...

I own guns. Plenty of them. Would I ever like to see the registry gone or barring that an absolute guarentee there will be no gun bans. It is criminal that the liberal party would ban legally aquired and used property without even conpensating the owner.

As for conceled carry. It works. There is plenty of data available now from the U.S. that people don't go on rampages just because they have a firearm. There was a terrible sexual assualt in Toronto last night. I see no good reason why that women should not have the ability to defend herself with a firearm.

Ti-Guy said...

You're full of shit, Joe.

Now do us all a favour...take out one of your many guns and blow your head off.

It's obvious you people just weren't complaining about the gun want to do away with all firearms restrictions. Just like in the good ol' USA with a homicide rate 3 times that of Canada's and an incarceration rate 7 times higher. And let's not forget Columbine and VTech and the lesser mass shootings there that happen at least once a month and barely get reported.

Over my dead body. You want to shoot at stuff? Move to Alabama.

Joe said...


Lighten up man. I don't bite.
Canadian gun owners have no problem
with a certificatin system that promotes safety, backgroud checks and responsible use. I even like the new registration system much better than the old one but it is still completely pointless as far as reducing crime goes.

What we don't like is useless legislation. Banning a gun because it has a bayonet lug makes no sense. We don't have bayonet murders. They don't exist here.
Registries don't stop bad guys and are used to take guns from good guys. That is the main reason we don't like it.

Gun crime is a social problem that has little to do with gun law other than it gets worse when people cannot defend themselves. Just look at the murder rates of gun infested states like Montana and the other border states in the west. They have lower murder rates than the provinces they sit beside.

Newfoundland has traditionally had the lowest murder rate in Canada but has the highest rate of gun ownership or close to it. Why?

Toronto, outside of a few hotspots is a very safe city. It is not Canada's gun laws that make those hotspots the way they are. It is far more complex and very difficult to change but it is a social breakdown that needs something more than a ban on guns.

I'm not quite sure anymore what exactly liberals believe but I would hope that they still think people should be able to live their lives without too much government interferance and look for facts and solid evidence at least to some degree when proposing restrictions on peoples freedom.

Carrie said...

I'm not quite sure anymore what exactly liberals believe but I would hope that they still think people should be able to live their lives without too much government interferance and look for facts and solid evidence at least to some degree when proposing restrictions on peoples freedom.

Standard Bush/Rove/Cheney talk.

Since when does Canada restrict Canadians freedom? It protects us! Or it used to, until Harper. If you can't remember what Liberals stand for, read your history. We defined and built this country. Step outside your front door and your party rhetoric and you'll perhaps see (if the blinders come off) what Liberals (ie. Canadians) stand for.

Whenever a Conservative refers to Liberals as restricting Canadians, all that does is tell me and others that the Cons hate Canadians. We haven't changed, no matter what the Cons say. We have not moved to the right. We are where we've always been, which is not like the USA and smarter than their government to boot.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm not quite sure anymore what exactly liberals believe...

What I know is that the Conservatives have become Republicans and want, generally, to adopt American approaches to dealing with crime (well, to dealing everything, actually). Throw American gun laws into the mix, and eventually, you'll get public safety norms similar to that country.

I've become very rigid in my opposition to them in response.

Joe said...

Carrie and ti-guy-

Chill a little would you. I'm not some partisan hack. Carrie, you ask when does Canada restict peoples freedom well I'm faced with the possibility of having my property taken from me. I've got one firearm I paid $2000 for which I use in matches. It has a bayonet lug which the Liberal party claims makes it so dangerous it must be banned. I'm asking you why, when there has probably never been a killing by bayonet in the history of Canada, I should not question this. Not to mention the fact that I'm out a hole lot of money if it happens. How is that protecting my freedom? The suprme court has broadly interpreted the right to liberty as "an irreducible sphere of personal autonomy wherein individuals may make inherently private choices free from state interference" I have three boys who love to hunt and shoot. It is how we choose to live and if that is going to be taken away from us the very least that **must** be shown is that it will have the disired effect. Can you show me where it has?

ti-guy, again, you can't reduce this issue to "we will become like the U.S." When Canada had virtually no gun laws we had very little crime and in fact there are plenty of places in the US where the public is far safer than in Canada without our gun laws.

Unknown said...

Isn't the term "gay nutter" a little bit derogatory? I wonder anew at the fact that if a right leaning person says anything the slightest bit off colour the professional indignation squad cranks up the rhetoric and when a left leaning person makes bald faced insults it is deemed as the truth. Scanning the replies to this thread I saw one person tell another they were full of it (they used the full word) just because they held a different opinion on guns.
Really mature discourse.
Oh shoot... I forgot the liberal motto.
"You can think what you want as long as you think what we want you to think"

Glen Arthur said...

I'm personally insulted by many of the ad homenem comments being made. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, the freedom of speech is a pretty fundamental one. (Although the human rights tribunal is trying its best to clamp down on "free thinking").
You debase your own arguments by insulting Chris Reid as a gay nutter. At least he has tried to move beyond labels and express his ideas, instead of being boxed in as just being "gay".
Just argue the (oft legitimate) policy and governance points that he expressed

Tom Broen said...

Gay conservatives do exist although this guy does seem pretty extreme. Even in dt Toronto the CPC get 20% of the vote and are often not far off the "mainstream" NDP. I didn't totally disagree with his comments on the bus murder but I don't think that concealed weapons are the answer - this is controversial even in the US. That said I don't think it will hurt the CPC.

Michael said...

When I first heard the story about Vincent Li, I immediately thought about how difficult it would be to prevent him from carrying out his plan. The attack occurred at the back of the bus, and there's just a tiny little aisle leading to the back. What was anyone supposed to do, overtake him SINGLE FILE?

Let's hypothesize they did charge. Vincent Li had the upper hand: a weapon and rome to move. The first person to reach him, defenseless and weaponless save for her traveling pillow, would likely get stabbed and fall or try to run away, blocking the way for anyone else to charge. And then we would end up with a double tragedy.

You know why nobody charged? It takes a mere split second for a human to weigh the odds between fight and flight. Li was king of that hill, and if you've ever ridden a greyhound you would know that too. Who can honestly say that they would have lunged at the opportunity for certain death on that prairie evening on the trans-Canada?


The dinks who condemn these poor victems can go hang.

cyirush said...


So Liberals built this country. Really? Wasn't the first PM a conservative?
What's more, most Liberals for most of Canadian history believed in free trade and limited government. Go and read what St Laurent said about unemployment insurance or funding for the arts. Hint: he was opposed.
We can and should have arguments about the role of government.
But (ill)Liberals like you need to read some history and stop claiming that support for a series of social programs that are at most forty years old defines what it means to be Canadian.
After all, doing that cost the last Liberal PM his job.

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