Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Historical Precedent For Elizabeth May?

His name was Gordon Wilson.

I actually agree that this all might work out in Stephen Harper's favor. But... give the Greens a couple of seats and the party acquires the ability to pick candidates that aren't loony. It gives them funding, and all the accouterments of a real political party, instead of resembling a gang of lost hippies who raise money by holding salmon bakes.

So bad for the Liberal party, maybe, but good for the country.


The LS from SK said...

What were the names of some of the more "loonie" ones?

C, I, M W,and the Giant Space Lizard?

Gotta love ummm!

Auntie Liberal said...

Oh, wouldn't a debate with a Greenie just be wonderful? I can just imagine how it would go . . .

"Mr. Prime Minister, what is the environmental impact of building new weather forecasting stations?"

"Mr. Prime Minister, what is the environmental impact of increasing child care funding?"

"Mr. Prime Minister, what is the environmental impact of adding 10 more MRI machines across Canada?"

The broadcasters were correct to ignore her; she would bring no value to the debate.

Mike said...

Favour Stephen Harper? No, I think that's just the Edmonton Sun trying desperately to make him look clever after a tremendous screw up.

Auntie Liberal and the rest should underestimate May at your peril.

Rick Mercer was on the National last night and, as he knows all the players personally, made to observation that sitting PMs always have the hardest time at a debate, because they are the targets of the other parties. A debate without May would have been a cake walk for Harper - Jack Layton is, well, Jack Layton, Duceppe is barely holding on in Quebec and Dion can't speak English well enough to be effective. Now with an articulate English speaker who is a wild card, the debate will likely be far more interesting and Harper will not come out looking good at all.

Anyone that says that May should not have been in the debates or this entire situation was a crafty political maneuver is an unthinking Conservative hack spewing propaganda, who is revealing their true undemocratic and authoritarian nature.

Not to mention an unhealthy "Cult of Personality" around Harper.

Reality Bites said...

A cult of personality around Harper?

Isn't that a bit like the surfing subculture in Saskatoon?

wilson said...

The big 3 now have 20% less time to attack Harper.
Will Lizzy be able to preach her sermon in increments of 2 minutes? That's a long time without taking a breath.

If you think the Reform had some nutbars, wait to you see what the war rooms uncover about the Greens, and Lizzy herself said 'Canadians are stupid'.

She's in the big leagues now, and she's fair game.
Oh, and Harper, the bully, will be watching from the sidelines as May picks up lefty votes, while Jack and Stephane are relunctant to attack her.

Saskboy said...

Maybe you'd never had baked salmon :-P

Mark Richard Francis said...

May will attack dog on Harper. She is all about getting rid of him.

Ti-Guy said...

What were the names of some of the more "loonie" ones?

C, I, M W,and the Giant Space Lizard?

Gotta love ummm!

What chemicals are you on? Sudafed? Stool softeners? Or is it the crank that's spreading like wildfire through the prairies?

Get addicted to something that at least has some glam factor or is a manifestation of existential ennui, like heroine or Absinthe, or whatever it is Auntie Liberal is on.