Friday, September 05, 2008

EmbarassaTory Friday

Now that an election is upon us, I will be running an occasional "blast from the past" series, where stupid things that Tories have said during the 2 plus years of Harper government are recycled and laughed at yet again. In our first edition, Stockwell Day calls out the "spear-chuckers down east". Was he trying to slag off blacks, natives, natives and blacks, natives and blacks and easterners, or did he merely, like so many conservatives, have trouble with knowing the meanings of words?


Ti-Guy said...

What's more embarrassing are the desperate attempts by rank-and-file conservatives to rush in and explain what Day really meant, as Wilson (then called Wilson61) explains in your second link.

Imagine...she had to do research to come up with that.

As usual with "Conservatives," it's never the crime; it's the cover-up.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, the poll numbers were that bad eh ?

Ontario, 11 points in Harper's favour ?

Go figure. Guess you are fecked over good.

Canajun said...

So by that definition (Wilson61), Stephen Harper is a spear chucker, as are Pecker Poliver, Jimbo (Fast Eddy) Flaherty, and John Baird. Explains the war whoops from the caucus room all right.

Dante said...

Because we all know that Blacks and Natives dominate the media "down east".

You guys are just too smart. fucking sad to see even the liberal ass lickers go lame.

Unknown said...

Of no laughing matter are the Liberal's chances in the upcoming election.

Ti-Guy said...

Because we all know that Blacks and Natives dominate the media "down east".

Dainty: I was more than willing to simply chalk this all up to Day's mental retardation, but then the Conservatives rushed in to rationalise and make excuses for him, which then leads to the unavoidable conclusion that best...never really know when to shut up.

Remember: It's better to remain silent and be suspected of being a fool then to speak up and remove all doubt.

Paul S: Take note.