Tuesday, August 15, 2006

15 Websites That Changed the World

From The Guardian U.K., the 15 most important websites in the history of the Internet. I've got a few minor qualms with the list. For instance, what was important about Napster was not the website, but the P2P software made available through it. And I am not sure about YouTube's long term survival proposals, given its many up and coming competitors and the fact it is facing a Napster-style lawsuit. In any case, I make use of many of these websites on a daily basis: Drudge, Amazon, Slashdot, Wiki, YouTube, Blogger.

One of my own personal nominees for most important website, which did not make the list because it doesn't exist anymore, is The Nando Times. This was an outgrowth of the Raleigh North Carolina News and Observer, and became the very first 24/7 on-line news source. Unfortunately, in 2003 The Nando Times was shut down.

Note: And of course Youtube chooses today to crash...

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