Saturday, August 05, 2006

Next Battles in the Canadian Culture Wars?

Words from George Weigel, the noted papal biographer and board member of Americans United for Life, on how to "chip away" at abortion rights in Canada. Mr Weigel's is a strong proponent of "incrementalism", of putting in place restrictions on abortion piecemeal, for:

...from a strictly logical point of view, it will certainly be easier to convince legislators and the public that some abortions are wrong, or that some regulations are necessary, before they will be convinced that all abortions are wrong and therefore, the procedure should be re-criminalized.

The Lifesite provides a nice list of the restrictions that Mr. Weigel thinks might feasibly be legislated into existence here in Canada:

- banning partial-birth abortion
- prohibiting dilation and extraction (D&E) abortions
- informed consent or women's right-to-know laws
- 24 hour waiting periods
- mandating that minors seeking abortions notify their parents or receive their consent
- implementing strict limits on free-standing abortion facilities
- placing limits on abortion funding - passing a Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Don't have much to add to the raw summary. This may be it for today, writing wise. It's too nice out to stay inside.


Anonymous said...

So Islamic fascism is knocking at our door you're scared of losing the right to kill babies without impunity?
Is that what we've come to in the West?

Anonymous said...

abortion clinics should be treated like the rest of the pathetic health care system . . patients should have to cue up and wait for nine months for service.

Mike said...

Yeah, glad to see all your religious fascists are so concerned about freedom. Keep it up BCL.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the wingnut/righty harmonic convergence is complete, isn't it? Abortion now means support for Islamofascist terrorism.

I would propose mass sedation, but I have no idea how we would go about it. Or will the Rapture take care of it all?

Anonymous said...

Ti-Guy isn't so much brainless as he is obsessed with me and my very loose hole.

Anonymous said...

" implementing strict limits on free-standing abortion facilities "

This is two tier health care . . . there is no room in our socialist nirvana state delivered health care system for private clinics and private services.

Down with two tier health care . . .

Mike said...


A guy going around to various Liberal and leftwing blogs leaving idiotic comments under the names of various guns and ammunitin sizes should not be lecturing anyone about "contributing something useful."

Anonymous said...

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