Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kinsella Spins For Iggy

Since Linda Diebal's column came out on August 6th concerning Liberal Leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff's bad week, Iggy supporters have been trying to sweep her allegations under the carpet. Today they got a little help from National Post Columnist Warren Kinsella. He wrote:

According to Diebel, what was distressing unnamed "senior Liberals" was that Ignatieff had been mysteriously unavailable to comment on the Israel- Hezbollah war. Was he away on vacation -- or was he attending to a sick relative in Europe? Intoned Diebel: "Where he vacations is his business. No question. But [the confusion] does raise alarm bells about political instincts."

Actually, no, it doesn't -- and I say that as one who has written critically of Ignatieff in the past. For instance, when I contacted the Ignatieff campaign for a planned column on the newsworthiness of the Middle Eastern views of the 11 Grit leadership candidates, his campaign quickly responded, providing voluminous statements and background materials (too much for me to use, in fact). The Star attempted to follow the Post's lead on July 28, but found -- to its apparent chagrin -- that Ignatieff could not be reached.

This does nothing to refute Diebel's contention, for in fact Iggy was indeed unavailable for comment even when Kinsella tried to get hold of him. Being provided with background material by the campaign, from which one is supposed to glean the candidate's position on this or that matter, is not the same as being given a formal statement by the candidate, and Kinsella should know the difference. Presumably, The Star was able to reach Iggy's campaign staff on July 28th, but noted rightly that this was not the same thing as reaching Iggy himself.

As for the "family emergency" vs. "chronically ill mother-in-law" thing, Kinsella's defense misses the point. It was generally given out by Iggy supporters, including (if I remember correctly) his campaign, that Iggy was off in Europe on serious personal business. Therefore a) he would not issue a statement on the War, and b) it was wrong to criticize him for not issuing a statement.

Discovering that Iggy spent part of the time prancing about the mountains of Hungary on a pony (or whatever) and didn't issue a statement because he felt that he "deserved a vacation" still makes him come across as somewhat less than Prime Ministerial.


Ted Betts said...

Kinsella spinning for Iggy? Just because someone - someone who has in fact been extremely critical of Ignatieff in the past, by the way - happens to take his side on on one article, does not make it spinning.

"It was generally given out by Iggy supporters, including his campaign, that Iggy was off in Europe on serious personal business. Therefore a) he would not issue a statement on the War, and b) it was wrong to criticize him for not issuing a statement."

If you remove the "therefore", I think you've got is spot on.

It may be that we bloggers made some wrong connections, but the campaign never linked his mother-in-laws illness to the reason he didn't comment.

More to the point though, Kinsella is highlighting how Diebel out and out lied when she says Ignatieff denied there even was an illness.

bigcitylib said...

Actually, I am less than 100% that statements were made by the campaign like this, and have altered the wording of the origonal post.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I seen sumbuddy who sez IgFeller's the Canajun Leiberman. Now that the Iraq quagmire's turned inta a full-blown disaster, the idjits who was all fer it gotta either change their tune or quit singin'. If IgBoy don't get up on his hind legs an' admit he was wrong 'bout Iraq, he gets the same grade as King Steve in JimBobby's big book o' polyticians.

I seen Ig's article in the globe where he laid out his plan fer Lebanon. It weren't too stoopid, sez I. But it weren't too brilliant, neither.

Now, I hear-tell Bobby Rae's takin' the hardline pro-Israel stand. I reckon you can be pro-Israel without bein' pro-babykiller but the way Israel's chosen t' fight this war makes it tuff t' back 'em a hunnert percents worth.


Anonymous said...

Hey BCL, your Islamofacist friends in London are getting rounded up. How 'bout a defence for the "London 21"

Anonymous said...

Some of your trolls are smelling a bit rank there, BCL

Guys...take a shower once in a while. Especially that iggyforpresident thing. God...what is that? Parmesan cheese?

Uh..on the topic? Nothing to say. The less I hear about Iggy and the ol' Whorren, the better.

Anonymous said...

Iggy knows a serf when he sees one. ti-guy, welcome to the fold.

Anonymous said...

Never mind all the peripheral noise and bullsh1t. No one cares whether his grandma was ill or he was busy playing with ponies. It is his perogative.

Let's cut to the chase. If you support

- Iraq War
- Extended Combat Role in Afghanistan
- Missile Defense
- Bush Doctrine of Pre-emption
- "Spreading Democracy" at gun point
- Staunch Pro-Israel

Then Iggy's your man. No other candidate has those crudentials.

Little else matters, because you won't find an Ignatieff book, op-ed or doodling on a cocktail napkin about health care, environment, education, housing, day care, gay marriage, ...prior to this campaign.

The man is not here for the Heritage portfolio. If he doesn't win the leadership, or be given the Foreign Affairs or Defese portfolio, he's outta here!

And that's the long and short of it.

Anonymous said...

Iggy knows a serf when he sees one. ti-guy

Iggy doesn't even know a smurf when he sees one. Honestly, the guy's gotten the longest learning curve of any teh smartay person I've ever known.

You can just imagine the process he went through before deciding to enter politics: "*sigh*...I'm bored. And these university students are getting dumber every year. What's a respekted hooman rites perfesser like me to do? I know...I'll run for Canadian prime-minister!"

Anonymous said...

Ok. A little unrelated.
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Anonymous said...

I'M ENTITLED TO MY ENTITLEMENTS! (I'm a freak'n Liberal fer god sakes)

MONTREAL -- Former Canada Post boss André Ouellet is seeking $3.2-million in damages from Ottawa for what he says was his effective firing in 2004 in the midst of the sponsorship scandal.

Anonymous said...

and here's the famous "Green Hat Guy" spinning for all you Liberals and other folks that can't handle the truth.

If you don't like people desecrating children's bodies for propaganda purposes, don't watch

Scroll down & play the video . . .

Anonymous said...

Ted, having Kinsellia stand up for your candy-date is not the best pre-emptive boost that will help the ol' campaign. Your man showed a lack of leadership abilities, and right or wrong, has lost significant support in the meantime. Those kids who were drivin' across BC in the Igmobile? When they caught word of his disappearing act, the lack of any response on the middle east, and no explanation as to where he was... never mind him not showing up for their end destination ... they've parked the van, man. His position on Iraq alone makes him unelectable. I hope you have your dance card made out because you'll need that 'second choice' pretty quickly. I just don't think he's use to any kind of scrutiny (how many profs like to be questioned by people who don't have their degree?) or the criticism. He's a great ideas guy when it comes to heading a ministry, but will he stick to the end?