Sunday, August 27, 2006

BigCityLib: Powering to The Top

The dude from TDS (whose comment-sectionless blog is an affront to the Democratic essence of the blogosphere and a sign of some deep personal insecurity on the dude's part) claims that BigCityLib is fading towards obscurity. But he is oh, so wrong.

Because History shows that after each little burst of infamy, old BigCityLib manages to hang on to a few more readers: honest, decent souls looking for nothing but The Truth (and a good time).
Here's the monthly site-visit chart for BigCityLib Strikes Back:

Now, without reproducing alot of additional charts and graphs, I can assure my readers that the daily and weekly stats have also been trending upward over the same time-period.

And the numbers for the last week tell an especially interesting story. On Thursday, Kate from Small Dead Animals linked to this site, and visits peaked at about 1,800. Subtract my previous 200 per day average and this gives a good idea of Kate's dedicated readership.

Because, if you study the on-line sociology of the folks at SDA, Kate is basically their kitten with a whip, their Margaret Thatcher, their Red Hot, anti-Commie Mommie. They'll do anything she tells 'em too, go everywhere she points 'em. For them, Kate is Ayesha: She Who Must Be OBEYED!

And that means that her dedicated readership is around 1,600, and SDA's ultra-high hit count is really a function of the fact that she posts ten times a day. So, from the POV of dedicated individual readers, SDA is stagnant and BigCityLib Strikes Back is rising fast. Unless Kate starts uploading topless photos, I predict that I will rule the blogosphere before Xmas.

Now, when I do hit No. 1, I've got a couple of marketing ideas that I'd like to run by everyone:

1) T-shirts: The words, in bold black: "BigCityLib Strikes Back!" over a yellow thunderbolt. $25 apiece. Would you buy them?

2) An online tip-jar: would you be willing to send money to support BigCityLib in his quest for The Truth? If so, how much? I'd like to at least cover mortgage payments.

3) A cook-book: there's a deep-fried chicken liver recipe I do that tastes pretty good if you don't set the Wok on fire. I call it "The Flamin' Pate". And then there's wieners and beans, and fried spaghetti. It would be a thin book but maybe I would only sell it for $5.99. Anyone interested in deep-fried chicken livers? They're a cheap meal.


Saskboy said...

"Unless Kate starts uploading topless photos, I predict that I will rule the blogosphere before Xmas.
Now, when I do hit No. 1, I've got a couple of marketing ideas that I'd like to run by everyone:"

I almost choked on my Saskatoon jam when I read that! :-D

Having been made a SmallDeadAnimal a couple times through being linked to on the front page, I've noticed about 500-700 additional hits in a day. Mine weren't top stories/links though so I probably got people only interested in clicking through. Many people who read blogs don't click through because they don't have time, and want only the summary of the link. And I don't think the percentage is well known, but say it's 50% who do click, well that means that daily readership at SDA is about 3800 visitors. If she's reading this she's probably getting a good chuckle, because I know she doesn't want people to know her traffic numbers, and won't say what they are.

Saskboy said...

Iggy, are you aware that BigCityLib is pulling your leg when he says he'll be #1?

bigcitylib said...


You're one of the nicer people in the blogosphere. How did you manage to piss off Kate?

Saskboy said...

I didn't really. I helped organize a BBQ for and she linked to that once, and another time about my journey down some grid roads because we see eye to eye on that issue.
We'll clash over pollution more than anything. She knows her motor bike is a gas hog, but like most people is unwilling to give up a passion that is harmful to the environment. I sympathize some, we all like our old vehicles and come to rely on them, but that's no excuse for being anti-pollution control.