Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who Has Targeted Big City Lib?

These are all "facts" I have made available through this blog about myself at various times. You see, I haven't bothered to keep too many secrets (although I lie like anything). This morning I get an anonymous email reeling them off to me:

Spencer Jr. High?
Belmont High?
Roy Meadow?
Vic Park?
1996 OLP race?
Wife active?
Garth Turner at LCBO?

Get ready for prime time, motherfucker.

It appears I have been targeted by an angry Liberal operative. Any idea which one, Jason Cherniak?


bigcitylib said...

Good advice, but it was sent via anonymous remailer (at I will be mentioning it to a number of people, however.

I'm thinking I will have to eventually provide a real name. Luckily, I am incredibly obscure and have no connection to any candidate or any party.

The Tiger said...

Garth Turner at LCBO?

That's a rather odd thing to say...

Internet anonymity is an easy thing to lose -- most of my regular readers have enough info about me to track me down.

This sort of thing is the subject of a lawsuit or two in the States, I believe.

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...

I once wrote that I used to see Garth Turner at the LCBO alot. Because I did. I lived around the corner from him.

Andrew said...

Get in touch with Don at "All Things Canadian". Warren Kinsella and him had a run in a while back, and if I recall correctly WK dug out Don's personal information in much the same way that your anonymous emailer has done with you.

Here's Don's site:

Jeff said...

i truly enjoy reading your blog and various comments at other blogs. just a quick note of support. keep writing, don't get derailed by all the hype.
were you asked to leave the liblogs blogroll or did you withdraw? i'm not sure if you were ever listed there or not. just curious. peace.

Jeff said...

just read post before this one. nevermind. it will be interesting to see whether you're listed.

Jason Townsend said...

My complaints about BCL's remarks on Cherniak have been made clearly, over my name, and in public. I neither engage in, nor condone, anon emails or similar BS.

I'm only on this blog in order to make crystal clear that I am not sending you any emails, harassing or otherwise. My "super-scary vendetta" consists of holding you to your slimey "Couldn't crush the Lebanese so you got a fellow Liberal" remark to Cherniak, which I find disgusting.

TDH Strategies said...

You're gutless, plain and simple.

Your views you are entitled to. But until you have the courage to identify where they are coming from, it shows that you are not confident enough to stand by them.

If you think that statements calling Israel:

"the most vile 'nation' in human history."

or referring to the country as one that:

"survives on the blood of innocent people,"

is "no more offensive than anything else that appears on Cherniak on any given day of the week," then your impaired judgement becomes self evident.

Again, I challenge you to identify yourself. Although, anonymity is the Linus saftey blanket of someone who obviously has a weak character.

Prove me wrong, BCL.

Scotian said...

Welcome to the reason I am very careful about what personal information I place online anywhere. There are too many ways in which the use of that can enable someone to track you down in your offline identity/life. I used to do commercial PI work some time back and I was amazed at how easily it could be done back then, and we are talking well over a decade ago now. I just hope that whomever has targeted you is only interested in a net harassment campaign as opposed to something far more serious/dangerous.

Either way though I agree with Ti-Guy about this being an assault on the right to hold one's own opinion/free speech. Don't let these gits stop you, and anything you can do to track their identities back as well as document properly in case police action is needed should be done.

Good luck!

Andrew said...


I'm curious to know why you consider it gutless to stay anonymous? BCL and other anonymous bloggers could have very valid reasons for remaining that way. Do you think Pogge is a spineless coward for maintaining his viel of anonymity? How about others?

Really, resorting to name-calling isn't very productive - especially in light of the fact that some other "gutless" anonymous person is levelling threats at our host here.

Andrew said...


I'm curious to know why you consider it gutless to stay anonymous? BCL and other anonymous bloggers could have very valid reasons for remaining that way. Do you think Pogge is a spineless coward for maintaining his viel of anonymity? How about others?

Really, resorting to name-calling isn't very productive - especially in light of the fact that some other "gutless" anonymous person is levelling threats at our host here.

TDH Strategies said...


It is very easy to lob grenades at people from behind a veil of secrecy.

It is quite another to stand up and take responsibility for those statements.

bigcitylib said...


I've been toying with the idea and, since Kinsella will probably find out soon enough anyway (he's got my last name), I will be doing that tonight. Hide your girlfriend, however, I'm including a picture and I'm pretty damn sexxxy.

Jason Townsend,that particular remark means simply this: I suspect that many, many of Israel's more mindless cheer-leaders, whose advice was the advice put into effect by the IDF, saw the war go to shit, and instead of engaging in acts of self-criticism, turned on those who gave better but unlistened to advice. As the Bush administration turned on those who were in fact correct about the disastrous course the Iraq war was bound to take. In pyschology its called transferance.

Why would I think you were sending me anonymous emails?

bigcitylib said...

Oh, I see, Jason, I was referring to Jason Cherniak, who is friends with Kinsella (who denies having sent this e-mail but, oddly enough, admits that he too is out to unmask me).

Saskboy said...

"It is quite another to stand up and take responsibility for those statements."

It doesn't make someone's opinions less valid if you don't know what their face or real last name is. Are you hoping he'll have a pot belly so you can poke fun at that for instance?

I use a pen name because it's catchy and descriptive. Some people use them for anonymity, but I don't. I learned a while ago that if you're serious about being untraceable on the net, first off all stay off of it. So anyone posting comments onilne has to deal with the fact that their identity is known to someone, somewhere.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

Much as I don't wish to get involved, here goes. I'll say this once, and then I'm done.

I, too, thought you were somehow assuming that I had anonymously emailed you.

I do not read your blog, and I do not read most of your comments. I think that you are a taunting, angry person who intimidates and resorts to shrillness. I do not think you are a productive person to discuss with or listen to or learn from.

I think you represent a good deal of what is broken in politics - petty pot-shots and name-calling and rudeness.

Thomas Hubert went far, far beyond "criticizing Israel", and saying that he "criticized Israel" is dishonest. I have been very clear in stating that I do not believe he is an anti-Semite or hates Jews - I think he is just young and still learning. I feel Thomas is truly regretful, and I think at this point anyone still kicking at him is just bullying him around. The Thomas Hubert story is over, and people shouldn't even mention his name any longer. He's embarrassed and regretful and that's enough.

I've exchanged a lot of emails with Thomas, and I believe his sincerity and earnestness right now. I think he could have a really bright future, and a much wiser future.

I do not support you as a blogger. I cannot support anyone who does not see good and bad on both sides of the House of Parliament. You have tunnel vision and have nothing to teach me. You are probably valuable in "party politics", but you are not valuable to a real, democratic discussion about difficult issues that we all need to wrestle with to understand. You reduce complexity to simple-mindedness, which is deeply unfortunate.

No one should send you anonymous emails threatening you. They should simply contact you directly and speak upfront. I do not support anonymous intimidation.

If Warren Kinsella wants to out you and your name and attach it to some very silly things you've said, I hope he'll do it directly and openly, and I hope it was not him who anonymously emailed you. The emailer is playing games.

If you do not see what was wrong with Thomas' statements and why he ought have retracted their overblown, over-the-top rhetoric, I don't know what else to say.

If you cannot grasp how suggesting that Jason Cherniak, for simple fact of having a particular heritage, might wish to "crush Lebanon", and would instead be happy with destroying a Liberal in lieu, then I don't know what else to say. It is flat-out immoral, unethical, unreasonable, unproductive, illogical, and dishonest to claim that because one is Jewish, he wishes to destroy a people or nation, or that he automatically has the same mindset or ambition as "all the rest of them". Many of your comments are really unreasonable and unproductive and illogical, but that one was really too much. Had you apologize immediately, I would have forgotten all about it, and most others would have too (I think Jason Townsend is one).

I defend Thomas Hubert as a person who is profoundly sorry and who is confused.

You defend his wrongful statements - and you are wrong to do so.

Dennis (Second Thots) said...

I think identifying yourself makes a difference, especially when you're taking strong stands for and against people specifically.

Here we have bcl specifically targeting others with his remarks, but he doesn't open himself up to the same kind of criticism he directs at others.

For all people know, bcl could be a conservative plant trying to make Liberals look intolerant and narrow-minded when it comes to world affairs. You see what I mean?

Furthermore, I think TDH has a point. It's easy to lob grenades without signing your name onto them. It's not taking responsibility for strong views you have.

Also, you don't have to advertise your identity with a loudspeaker. Just make it known to people who want to follow links, if they're that curious.

There are lots of reasons for wanting to protect your identity. I just don't think anonymous bloggers should be trying to play with the big boys when they chose to remain nameless.

bigcitylib said...

It's done, lads, take a look at my latest post.