Saturday, August 19, 2006

Israel Violates Ceasfire

So says Kofi Annan:

"The secretary-general is deeply concerned about a violation by the Israeli side of the cessation of hostilities as laid out in Security Council resolution 1701," said a spokesperson on the UN website.

Note that the usual suspects (read: U.S.) aren't leaping to Israel's defense. Note also that the violation comes in the form of another bungled Commando raid. Entebbe sure was a long time ago, eh?


Zorpheous said...

You'll have to excuse me, I have been out of the loop while I delt with my paying clients.

Anyhoo, under the ceasefire agreement was Hezbolah suppose to disbanded, dis-arm? Were they barred from re-arming?

I guess what I'm asking is what were the terms of the ceasefire?

bigcitylib said...

The terms that were violated in this case were that Israel could only carry out "defensive" operations. Referee Kofi says this don't qualify.