Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BigCityLib and The Great Bake of 2006

It hit 36 degrees Centigrade today, but so far the only cockups have been a brief power outage in the East End and a few minor disruptions to GO Transit. Tomorrow the temps will decline a bit to 32, and by Thursday we'll reach something closer to normal.

It hasn't been too bad. Work is air-conditioned, home is air-conditioned, and the car is air-conditioned. Its just going outside that is physically painful.

2006 is the first year I've had AC working in the apartment. I used to think the Canadian thing to do was tough out Toronto's summer weather, but as I got older the idea of having a shower every twenty minutes to get you through the night became less appealing.

Last year I bought a cheap AC, and fucked around with it a bit until I decided that I didn't really know how to install the thing so that it wouldn't fall out our fourth floor bedroom window and kill passerby.

This year I got my neighbor, who works at Home Hardware, to come over and rig up my cheap AC.

And he did it exactly the same way I would have. He used tons of duct-tape and jammed a wad of Styrofoam between the top of the unit and the window frame. He said "I don't think it's really Moral to have it like this.", and advised me to try to touch the machine as little as possible, so as not to jiggle it.

But right now, as long as it doesn't fall on me, I don't give a shit.

When I first turned on the device, I was trying to be Energy/Eco friendly, and would only let the wife run it after dinner, on low, in a sealed bedroom, which meant the rest of the apartment felt like you'd walked into a Florida swamp that smelled like arm-pit. Then the guy from Home Hardware told her that, if you left the thing on high all day, it would eventually cool the whole suite.

And that's where its staying. David Suzuki can come kill me if he likes. I don't give a shit.

BigCityLib, Hot in the Big City

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Robert said...

LOL! Keep cool man.