Thursday, August 03, 2006

Does Collapse in Tory Support Render Iggy Irrelevant?

Everyone has noted these new poll results, which show a leaderless Liberal party in a dead-heat with the Tories. But I am not sure that their consequences for the Liberal leadership race have been properly explored.

Specifically, the candidacies of Michael Ignatieff and, to a lesser extent, Scott Brison (because nobody would mistake the latter for a "front-runner") are predicated upon the notion that the Liberal brand must be rebuilt; the party must move Right on the political spectrum and poach potential Tory votes.

However, the Decima Research results clearly refute this notion. What they suggest is that the Liberal brand need merely be reaffirmed, and traditional Liberal values re-embraced. The party need not, and in fact must not, present itself as Tory-lite, because the Tories are already Republican-lite, and such a move would make the Libs a faded copy of a faded copy.

And in any case, Republican-Lite is tanking with the Canadian populace.

As usual, the votes lay on the Left side of the Canadian political spectrum. Iggy has chosen to position himself, politically, where they aren't.


kevvyd said...

This is certainly interesting, but I'm not sure it indicates that the votes "reside on the left" as you suggest. It might simply be that Canadians are not comfortable with the foreign affairs position taken by Harper. He might still be able to make other conservative policies palatable to Canadians, but maybe just not this one.

However, if any Libs were worried that PMS might pull an early election they might rest easier. This might have interesting ramifications for Harper's tiny-fisted bleatings on softwood lumber.

Anonymous said...

Harper's chickens ...

The latest polls showing falling Tory support reflect more than just Harper's Afghanistan and Middle East policies. They show that voters have watched Harper in action, matched his actions to his statements, and found him wanting. The Tory slide was inevitable, once voters actually tuned in to what they were doing, as opposed to what they were saying they were going to do. The slide is caused by:

• Harper's fumbles on the ethical questions (the Accountability Act versus his appointments of Emerson etc; recent questionable contract awards; the loopholes cut in the Act for lobbyists).

• Harper's shameless Afghanistan vote (voters now clearly see that it was a rush to obtain a vote, and not a meaningful debate of the country's role).

• Harper's rush to model himself on Bush (the guards, the presidential airs, the refusal to deal with the press unless they were handpicked lapdogs, the use of Bushisms such as "cut and run", the dressing up as a warrior).

• Harper's craven capitulation to the Americans over the softwood debacle.

• Harper's apparent desire to do anything to win votes in Quebec, even if it meant dismembering the Canada that now works so well).

The chickens are coming home to roost, and soiling Harper's image ...
About time, too!

Anonymous said...

Please explain "Liberal values." Interested to know what that means.

bigcitylib said...


1) Pro Kyoto
2) Pro Kelowna Accord
3) PeaceKeepers, not a proxy army for U.S.
4) Anti-Torture
5) Balanced position, not Israeli apologists
6) Express our friendship to U.S. by criticizing them when they act crazy, not being enablers.
7) Targetted tax cuts.
8) Out of Afghanistan

I can think of more.

ottlib said...

I think it is premature to make any conclusions based on this one poll.

This could be the beginning of a trend or it could just be a blip.

We will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Liberal position before being voted out of parliament (bear with me I have to get back to the shop):

1)Quietly dismantling Kyoto

2)Continue ghettoizing natives

3)Disarm soldiers then keep the peace where there is none.

4)Anti-torture? Listen to Chretien speak for 30 seconds.

5)Lopsided position. Hamas, Tamil tigers, etc apologists.

6)Call Americans names when feeling helpless.

7)Target the middle class for taxes.

8) Send troops to Afghanistan.

Please do think of more.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Values;

Roll over and play dead.