Sunday, August 13, 2006

Friends of Science? Friends of the Oil Patch

Charles Montgomery of the G&M does an extremely thorough take-down of the Friends of Science, a Canadian anti-Kyoto group funded by the oil-patch and old Reform Party activists.

h/t to DeSmogBlog, which has a number of stories on the "Friends" shady financing and Tory connections.

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Anonymous said...

From Montgomery's article:

"The climax of the spring campaign was an open letter to Mr. Harper, printed in the Financial Post and other CanWest chain newspapers on April 6. The letter, signed by "60 experts in climate and related scientific disciplines," exhorted the Prime Minister to hold public consultations on the government's climate-change plan.

Members of the climate and meteorological science establishment quickly noted that only a third of the names on the petition were Canadian. Many of them were economists and geologists, not climate experts. One of them, Gordon Swaters, a professor of applied mathematics at the University of Alberta, later said that he disagreed with the letter completely"

Good lord, these people are silly. Although largely appalled, I couldn't help chuckling at how these dottering old fools seem to career around making the dumbest mistakes.

The next "Friends Of Science" video should borrow its sound-track from Benny Hill.