Monday, August 28, 2006

Political Lesson of the Week

Jason Kenney talked with Terrorists, and a quick look at Google tells you that the MSM hasn't run a story on the topic for nearly a week. The Tories kept their heads down, looked away and coughed politely, or jumped to Kenney's defense. And they came out of it smelling like roses.

Meanwhile, Borys Wrzesnewskyj went to Lebanon, talked sense, and had his ass fried by fellow Liberals, led by a lynch-mob from the blogosphere, much to the joy of the Canadian Media establishment. Liberals came out of the week looking shaken, and as though the Politically Correct Purity Cops were in charge.

Ohh! you might say. The Libs won a moral victory. Well, a moral victory is the kind of victory you win when you lose.

You know, ten years ago it was the Tories who were ready to pitch you out if you weren't committed to, for example, repealing the metric system. On the other hand, the Libs were a loose, friendly, non-uptight Big Tent. Now it's as though the parties have switched Membership rosters.


iggyforpresident said...


Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has said he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to such a war. - BBC

Ti-Guy said...

This is a good article by Ralph Surette (found via pogge). Essentially, it does capture what is endlessly stupid about Canadians lining up on one side or the other of the "Middle East" question. Canada is basically powerless and useless when it comes to taking a staunch pro-Israel side. The Israelis are barely aware of it, and neither country matters much to each other in terms of economic interests (although social and cultural ties are deep, as Canada has the 4th or 5th largest Jewish population in the world). So these moral victories and moral postures are, in the main, a waste of time.

I've always thought our foreign policy in the ME should either lead to substantive action, or we should ignore it altogether. I'm sure everyone in the ME would agree that if you can't really help, don't bother.