Friday, August 25, 2006

America's Drunkest City

From Forbes:

Milwaukee has long had a reputation as a city built on beer.

Sounds like paradise, but no, just America's drunkest city, according to a recent Forbes survey. Rounding out the top three were Minneapolis-St, Paul (say what?) and Columbus.

Plan your vacations accordingly.

You know, in my religion (Pastafarianism) heaven is centered around a beer volcano. I suspect now that the Deity, when He returns, will touch down in Milwaukee.

PS. Still waiting for Kinsella to pop his head up out of the sludge. Warren, I feel free, unleashed, now that you have exposed me! Say something stupid, and see how vile and bilous I can be!

PPS. To TDS, who is quick with a denunciation, but still afraid to have a comments section on his blog. This one's for you, baby:

BigCityLib, as obnoxious as ever.

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