Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lebanese Miscellany

Israeli bombs have created the "most disastrous oil spill in [Lebanese] history" Because any cleanup effort must take place under IDF bombardment, very little has been done. Environment Minister Yaacoub Sarraf said:

Chances are our whole marine ecosystem facing the Lebanese shoreline is already dead. What is at stake today is all marine life in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, what happened in the Bekaa Valley? The IDF sent commandos in to capture "high ranking militants" from a local hospital, and instead walked away with a few Hezbollah foot soldiers. Entebbe it wasn't.

They also dropped a bomb on the hospital.

Meanwhile, back in Ottawa, the Tories prevented relatives from the el-Akhras' family, 12 of whom were killed last month by Israeli bombs, from addressing the Commons foreign affairs committee. How low can you go, Peter MacKay?


Anonymous said...

Please explain to me how Mr. McKay's actions are "low." Surely you cannot let every witness into the meeting. Naturally, those that get turned away will voice dismay.

Being a victim of a horrific event does not make one an expert and it serves no purpose to see someone publicly express grief. Every rational person knows that when you start making decisions based on emotion,you will make the wrong decisions.

bigcitylib said...

The Tories didn't let any witnesses into the meeting. And dont tell me this had anything to do with "rational" decisions. MacKay wants to quash dissenting views. Period.

Anonymous said...

So there were no witnesses at the meeting? Why then, should any attend. Sounds like CTV's grasping at straws.
As for quashing dissent, isn't dissent the job of the official opposition? They were asking questions at the meeting. Everything sounds normal to me.