Saturday, August 26, 2006

Maine Mutant Comes To Canada

From CBC:

For 15 years, residents in Androscoggin County in Maine have reported seeing and hearing an animal with glowing eyes and a chilling cry that was blamed for killing pet dogs.

Now somebody has run over a large-dog sized animal that folks down in Androscoggin County think might be the mystery beast. Opinion as to what the thing is range from "Satan" to a wolf-dog hybrid to some kind of large dog of a breed not common in Maine. And, here's the point, they've sent the body to HealthGene Corp. in Toronto, a laboratory specializing in veterinary DNA testing, for a conclusive answer. My favorite CryptoZoology site has been all over this issue, and they have a few pictures the Mutant, which I am reproducing here:

Like, to me this looks like a big dead dog, but apparently the people of Maine are puzzled. Anyone have more definite ideas than that, please let me know.


TDH Strategies said...

Back to no attention (with the exception of this message of course) and your normal obscurity. Isn't insignificance grand?

bigcitylib said...
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iggyforpresident said...

You really shouldn't post pics of Kinsella's pet pooch.

Ti-Guy said...

Now TDH is just trolling?

Bloggers without comments shouldn't troll.

I hope we find out what this thing is. It really does look just like a big mongrel of some kind. Where I grew up, dogs roamed free and unspayed/neutered, and some of the resulting spawn were very strange.