Friday, August 18, 2006

Tories Still Stalled Short of Majority

The new Decima Poll has the Tories bouncing back a little from the 32% support they enjoyed at the end of last month. The national figures are:

CPC: 36%
Lib: 29%
NDP: 15%

In Quebec, the Bloc had 41 per cent support, the Tories, 23, and the Liberals, 19.

In Ontario, the Liberals were at 37 per cent, the Conservatives, 36, and the NDP, 16.

Most important point: no Majority in the works, and therefore no fall election. The Libs can breathe a little bit easier.

Second point: this looks to be the third poll showing NDP support declining, although the decline is still within the MOE. Are Canadians (once again) coming to see them as irrelevant?

Finally, its a late-summer poll and so the mild Tory rise in fortunes coincides with a period of political inactivity. It seems that when they try to do something is when they get in trouble. The Fall session should be fun. Hopefully, Stephen Harper will attempt to introduce some arch-typically Tory legislation, like reinstating the death penalty for shop-lifting, or demanding an end to the metric system.

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Olaf said...

The metric system is a joke anyways, good riddance!