Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In Caledonia, it's Time to Go Home

While generally sympathetic to First Nation grievances, I am not sure how continuing to occupy the Douglas Creek Estates housing development in Caledonia helps anybody. Since the Province has already bought the land from Henco industries, it seems to me that any problems that might have necessitated physical confrontation (like building on the site) have been solved.

Or at least, can anybody tell me what the Native end-game is supposed to be here? Other than an eventual OPP/Native confrontation where somebody winds up shot?


Anonymous said...

its great to see the welfare state warriors of Canada flying the Palestinian non-country flag at their protest site.

Probably calms the OPP down a bit and prevents them from enforcing the law and obeying court orders.

Life in Ontario . . . where law, order and good government are a way of life cherished by all.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Caledonia's jest a stone's throw from my little burg. There's sum stuff ain't gettin' in all the papers.

T'other day, Judge Davey Marshall ordered that the talks aimed at settlin' the troublem be stopped. Talks was goin' on. Progress was bein' made.

Now, the mayor sez she's worried all hell's gonna bust loose. An' she could be right. An' if all hell busts loose, it'll be on accounta Davy Marshall put a stop t' talks an' forced action.

Here's the part most folks don't know. Judge Davy Marshall's house is on the riverfront. Yessirree, his own property is part o' that 6 miles Grand River corridor. How's that fer a disinterested judiciary?

Yores trooly,