Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Denounced By Kinsella!

Warren Kinsella writes about your old BigCityLib today. He says:

August 22, 2206 - By the by, some folks are asking why Jason and I are now paying attention to the likes of the (for now) anonymous "Big City Lib" and, in Jason's case, Martha's anti-Israel communications guy. It's a fair question.

My grandmother, God rest her eternal soul, had the best view on situations like this one. "Once you've decided to clean out one toilet," said she, "you may as well clean out all the toilets."

So Granny cleaned toilets and you write for the National Post. It's nice to see someone carrying on the family business.

As for my anonymity, I have toyed occasionally with the idea of revealing my "secret" identity, but frankly I'd be worried that some of your compatriots at SDA might start up with the obscene phone-calls and so forth. As a wise man once said, the bullets tend to fly from Right to Left in our modern society. If you can promise that your friends can keep it in their pants, I will gladly reveal myself to you. That way you will be spared the need to employ your journalistic "skills" to find out who I really am (as you subtly threaten to do in the above). After all, if you were any good you'd be at the Globe, no?

PS. I hear The Post is going tits-up any time now. I imagine the restructured publication, whatever it might be called, will need columnists that can do better work for cheap. I figure I could probably take over both your column and Coyne's (with one hand tied behind my back). This would help the paper reach out to the Canadian Mainstream, so they might actually sell a few copies outside of Mushaboo in Northern Alberta. My point is: how do you guys like resumes formatted?

PPS. To Gerard Kennedy's gang, because I have occasionally said nice things about Mr. Kennedy, BigCityLib Strikes Back appears on a list of blogs supporting Mr. Kennedy's campaign. If this is the official list, you might want to have any such references to me removed. I suspect a whole storm of denunciations to follow, for Jason and Warren have tasted blood, and if they're going to come for me in the night, they will come for you in the morning.


RP. said...

Dumb as a bag,


JimBobby said...

Whooee! It's lookin' more'n'more like ol' KinsellerFeller's gone over t' the dark side. When he gets more support from KateyGal (Ilsa, She-Wolf of the Shotgun) than he gets from small-L liberals, sumpin's gone haywire, no two ways.

When folks get so lined up with countries like Israel or Merka or Canadee or Iran that they can't see it when them countries is doin' wrong, they ain't the kinda folks who oughta be up on their hind legs yappin' at the rest of us.

Right now, even a lot o' Israelis is askin' howcum their dumbass Pryminister Omelet got egg all over his face. Not every Israeli is backin' the kinda war they fought an' lost. It's only the idjits who got blind faith in Israel jest because it's Israel who ain't askin' questions 'bout the way the war was fought.

Israel was BushFeller's proxy in his fight with Syria an' Iran. Smart Israelis know it. Sum dumbass Israeli supporters ain't realized it yet but Omelet was played fer a fool by Bush.


Dennis (Second Thots) said...

BCL, you seem to have a very "us vs. them" kind of attitude. Anything Liberal is to be championed and defended, anything conservative is to be mocked and crticized. Are you not capable of any nuance when it comes to politics?

bigcitylib said...

I am, Cybermenace. But in this case its Jason and Warren that launched the War of Purification, not me.