Friday, August 18, 2006

Sour Grapes in the Progressive Blogosphere?

Lordy! What alot of weeping and wailing concerning David Orchard throwing his support behind Stephane Dion's campaign for Liberal leadership, probably the biggest single score, and most exciting moment, in the race so far. Cerberus, CalgaryGrit, and TDH Strategies have all weighed in with their respective thumbs-down gestures. The latest blast comes from the dude at TDH:

August 18, 2006 - In regards to the David Orchard endorsement of Stephane Dion, everyone speaks of Orchard "supporters" as this monolithic entity that sways exactly how their "leader" instructs them to. But here's a question that I haven't heard asked yet: Why does everyone assume that these Orchard "supporters" are Liberal party members? What evidence is there to confirm that Orchard went to all his previous backers from the Progressive Consevative days and convinced them to take out Liberal memberships?

Well, of course they're not a "monolithic entity". But then neither are Unionists or Globe readers monolithic entities. Nevertheless, an endorsement by the G&M editorial staff or the CAW would be considered a feather in the cap of most candidates running for most offices. No?

Look, the real story of the Orchard endorsement comes from the National Post, a notoriously Liberal Unfriendly publication: "Tory Kingmaker Joins Grit contender's Court". The title says it all. A Lib Leadership candidate is doing what Liberals will have to do if they want to win the next (or any) Federal election--they are reaching out beyond the ranks of the hardcores and laying claim to other constituencies. That's to be applauded, no matter who you are rooting for as Lib Leader. In fact, as Cherniak reported, Dion seems to have made a number of effective strides in this direction. The other candidates, and their supporters, ought to stop complaining and get busy!

(And why am I talking up Dion? Where is my homeboy Gerard Kennedy? Is he dead? Vacationing with Iggy? Yo Gerard! Do something, dude! Anything!)


Oxford County Liberals said...

Those are all Prog Bloggers.. but 2 of the 3 at least are members of the Liberal Bloggers supporting other Liberal candidates.. so to say there is sour grapes in the "progressive" blogosphere is being a bit too generalizing, I think.

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...

I didn't "say", I asked.