Friday, August 25, 2006

Cities in Flames

CBS wants the next Survivor to feature teams divided along racial lines: Blacks, Asians, Latinos and Whites. New York City officials are saying that's crazy and want the concept shelved. The story on this right royally stupid idea is here.

Jeez! It's bad enough in T.O. during the World Cup of Soccer. One time the Argentinians and Italians got into it after a quarter(?) final game. And of course, after the acquittals in the first Rodney King trial, we had a couple of mini-riots of our own.

On the other hand, there would be a million opportunities for cheap ethnic humor. In Survivor: L.A. who, for example, would win the Car-Jacking challenge?


Saskboy said...

On an unrelated note, I find it very hard to see your hyperlinks. Do you intend the colour to match the rest of your standard font?

bigcitylib said...

No. That's what you get when you use the standard font. Is there a way to darken the links? (I've wondered about that.)

Saskboy said...

It will be a setting in your blogger template file. A quick search on blogger support would tell you how to change link colour, or you could guess and change a hex number slightly based on a label for link colour in the file.

bigcitylib said...

You the man.