Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Presidential Bust Indeed!

Reuters reports that artist Danial Edwards, who sculpted the now infamous image of a nekkid Britney Spears giving birth, has unveiled his new work, representing a topless Hilary Clinton, for New York City's Museum of Sex. He hopes it will "spark [a] discussion about sex, politics and celebrity".

Yeah, sure you do, Danny boy.

In any case, who knew? Hilary's definitely got my vote now.

Since the report is from Reuters, the only question is: has anything in the photos been digitally "enhanced"?

Note: the work is indeed titled "A Presidential Bust". So I'm not the only pervert around that's into art.


Anonymous said...

just proves she is stone cold bitch incapable of feeling anything but sees her rightful place on a pedestal where she can be venerated..

One can only hope the democRATS seelct her as their presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Geeze even on oddball off-topic posts, the tinfoil hat conservative crowd finds time to rant pointlessly. Amazing.

Keep it up there Annonymouse, I "seelct" you as the winner of today's asshat award.

Anonymous said...

right on target with that post there Anon. . . looks like alberta report has been wounded, maybe fatally. Pretty lame attempt at a rebuttal.

kinda like a liberal . . can't take a punch, but they can steal taxpayers money and lie, lie, lie.

Thank god they have been banished to to the backwater of those Toronto ridings.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it...and LIEberals get what they deserve-a cement American woman as their leader.

Anonymous said...

A cement Hillary to go with wooden Al Gore. Where's Pecker Bill when you need him?

Anonymous said...

God, what a laff-riot. It'll get even better when the trolls mention "Hitlery's" penchant for carpet-munching and how she personally ordered the assassination of the entire state of Arkansas. that point, the hilarity will be so intense that I will lose bladder control.

bigcitylib said...

Jeez, and I thought I was just pointing out her great rack. To these guys, everything's political.